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Cast Protectors - Waterproof Arm & Leg Cast Protectors for Shower & Swimming

Wearing a cast can present challenges when it comes to bathing or swimming, and waterproof cast protectors offer a welcomed solution. Industry-leading manufacturers like Dry Pro have designed cast covers and protectors made of surgical-grade latex to provide watertight protection for bandaged wounds, stomas, PICC or IV lines, and limb prostheses in addition to hard casts. Available in multiple sizes and shapes, cast protectors are typically reusable and lightweight. proudly offers a quality inventory of waterproof cast covers for upper and lower extremities from top brand names at the lowest prices guaranteed. For peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping with our convenient Allegro Autoship program.

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  1. SEAL-TIGHT Freedom Cast and Bandage Protector SEAL-TIGHT Freedom Cast and Bandage Protector
    $15.37 - $18.47
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  2. SEAL-TIGHT Original - Cast and Bandage Protector - Adult SEAL-TIGHT Original - Cast and Bandage Protector - Adult
  3. Dry Pro Waterproof Cast Protector Dry Pro Waterproof Cast Protector
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    160  Reviews
  4. CastCooler - Each CastCooler - Each
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  5. Cast Comfort 6 oz spray - Each Cast Comfort 6 oz spray - Each
    15  Reviews
  6. SEAL-TIGHT Sport - Cast and Bandage Protector - Pediatric SEAL-TIGHT Sport - Cast and Bandage Protector - Pediatric
    1  Review
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What exactly is a cast protector?

To prevent skin irritation or infection, casts should stay dry at all times and they must be kept away from sand, dirt, and toiletries like oils, deodorant, lotions, or powder. A cast protector is a waterproof cover that protects arm and leg casts and bandages when showering, bathing, swimming, or playing water sports. By using such protection, you can enjoy a relaxing bath and engage in water activities without worrying about your cast being damaged or your wound getting infected. Various shapes and sizes are available to cover most body parts and even cast shoes.

Do cast protectors really work?

Yes, cast protectors prevent moisture penetration, keeping your cast and skin dry at all times. For instance, the Dry Pro Waterproof Cast Protector can stretch up to 600% without tearing, carries a one-year guarantee, and its built-in pump indicates that the seal is intact. All you have to do is wait for a few minutes after applying it before going into the water, just to make sure the waterproof clothing stays wrinkled and there will be no leaks.

How do I use a waterproof cast protector?

The SEAL-TIGHT Freedom Cast and Bandage Protector is easy to apply and does not require any hook-and-loop fastening, strapping, or pumping. You just pull it over your cast or bandage and its rubber diaphragm will stretch and form a watertight seal. Another system is the one employed by the Dry Pro Waterproof Cast Protector: stretch the bandage cover one extra inch over the edge of your cast or bandage, squeeze the in-built pump until it is flattened, remove it, and quickly push the safety cap on. When done with the waterproof cast and wound protector, lift the cuff to let the air back in and slide it off your limb.

Can I shower with a cast on my foot?

The role of cast protectors is to allow you to shower and bathe to your heart's desire even if your foot is bandaged or set in a cast. If you do not use a cast protector, you have to stay clear of showers and ask someone to help you bathe without getting your cast wet. Another thing to take into account is what your cast is made of because you must wait for it to dry completely after being applied before you can walk on it. Fiberglass casts are usually good to go in an hour and some casting tape can set in minutes, but plaster casts can take up to three days to fully dry.

How do you cover a leg cast?

Before cast protectors were invented and made widely available, people would protect their casts by wrapping them in cling wrap or by covering them with a taped-on plastic bag. While these are still viable solutions when you haven't yet had the chance to order an arm cast protector for showering, your leg cast will fare much better in a waterproof cast and wound protector. In addition to sliding on a cast protector, you can also care for your cast by using Cast Comfort Spray and CastCooler. The first will cool and soothe your cast itch right away and will help eliminate foul smells, while the latter will bring fresh air between the cast and your skin. This cooler attaches to any household vacuum cleaner and removes all moisture from the cast lining in under 10 minutes.

Where can I buy a cast protector? has waterproof arm and leg cast protectors for adults and children, as well as air casts, cast shoes, stockinettes, casting tape, and a broad range of top-quality orthopedic cast supplies. Other orthotic products and orthopedic supplies you can get here include cervical support pillows and neck braces, splints and splinting accessories, orthopedic positioning devices, as well as supportive footwear and all types of braces and supports for upper and lower extremities.

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