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Colostomy Bags - Disposable & Drainable Pouches

Colostomy surgery is a life-changing event that requires the use of specialty ostomy supplies like colostomy bags on an ongoing basis. At Allegro Medical, we offer a wide selection of colostomy bags from industry-leading brands at affordable prices. To suit a wide array of personal preferences, we proudly offer disposable pouches or reusable bags as well as options for an active lifestyle and discreet colostomy bag covers. To inquire about any of our ostomy products or for help finding the right item for your specific situation, please don't hesitate to contact us. Shop confidently with our Best Price Guarantee and take advantage of our convenient Allegro Autoship program for further savings.

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    Esteem®+ One-Piece Cut-To-Fit Closed-End Pouch, Modified Stomahesive- 30/BX Esteem®+ One-Piece Cut-To-Fit Closed-End Pouch, Modified Stomahesive- 30/BX
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How does a colostomy bag work?

Colostomy surgery redirects your colon from your anus to an opening through your abdominal wall. The protruding part of the colon forms a substitute anus called a stoma. However, the stoma doesn’t have muscles or nerve endings like the anus, making control of your bowel movements impossible. The colostomy bag solves this problem by collecting your solid waste directly from the stoma. To carry out this task, the mouth of the colostomy pouch or bag fuses to the peristomal skin surrounding the stoma with the help of a light adhesive.

How do you empty a colostomy bag?

To avoid leaking and noticeable bulging under your clothes, you should empty your drainable colostomy bag when it reaches one-third capacity. You can start the process by sitting on or standing near a toilet with a layer of toilet paper in the toilet bowl to prevent splashing. Next, turn the pouch upside down and open the clamps or Velcro closure before slowly unrolling the spout over the toilet. At this point, push out the entire contents by sliding your fingers down the pouch. When the bag is empty, clean the tail, check for possible tears, and rinse the clamps. Then, close the bag by refolding the tail and securing it with clamps or the Velcro closure.

Are colostomy bags permanent?

Your colostomy bag routine may be temporary if you have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), diverticulitis, a blockage of the anus or colon, anal fistula, or acute colon injury. On the other hand, you may wear a colostomy bag for a lifetime because of advanced colorectal cancer, fecal incontinence, or terminal removal of your rectum or anus.

How can I shower with a colostomy bag?

You can confidently shower or bathe while wearing your colostomy bag because it won’t drop off into the water. In addition, colostomy bags like the Hollister Premier 1-Piece Closed Colostomy Bag are strong and washable. Under normal circumstances, you can start showering and bathing two to three days after your surgery.

Where can I buy colostomy bags?

Allegro Medical has incredible colostomy and ostomy supplies at the best prices. This online medical supply retailer features the Esteem®+ One-Piece Cut-To-Fit Closed-End Pouch, New Image 2-Piece Closed Colostomy Bag with Filter, and Hollister Premier 1-Piece Closed Colostomy Bag. If you are unsure about choosing the best colostomy bag, Allegra Medical will help you find the right product for you and your needs. They also have a broad selection of colostomy or ostomy accessories. In addition, all Allegro Medical’s colostomy and ostomy bags come with a Best Price Guarantee and Afterpay.

What are colostomy bags made of?

Colostomy bags usually have a soft plastic composition. However, the filtered colostomy bags contain charcoal or carbon.

What are the different types of colostomy bags?

Fortunately, you have many types of colostomy bags available for sale. All of the bags fit into the one-piece or two-piece systems. The one-piece has a unibody design that makes it easy to fit around the stoma and bond with the adhesive. When you require a new bag, the one-piece comes off smoothly. Although it functions similar to the one-piece colostomy bag, the two-piece version has a separate base plate that connects to the bag. Some of the colostomy bag types are the mini pouch, opaque or transparent, filtered, multi-chambered, flat or convex, and several additional variations.

Are ostomy and colostomy bags the same things?

A colostomy bag is a type of ostomy bag. It accommodates people with an ascending, transverse, descending, or sigmoid colostomy. These types of colostomies create a stoma and the need for a colostomy bag. However, you can also buy an ostomy bag compatible with ileostomy and colostomy stomas. So, the ostomy bag is versatile, while the colostomy bag has a specialized purpose.

Are all colostomy bags disposable?

Colostomy bags with closed-in pouches are one-time-use products that are disposable once they are full. As a result, you may use more disposable colostomy bags than a drainable version like the New Image 12 Inch Length Drainable Colostomy Bag & Pouch. However, closed-in pouches like the SenSura Non-Convex, Standard Wear 1-Piece Closed Colostomy Bag are advantageous for activities like swimming, storing fully formed bowel moments, and reducing the possibility of leaks.

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