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Magic Bullet Suppository - Laxative Suppositories - 10mg Bisacodyl Suppository

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Buy Magic Bullet Suppositories on SALE! Designed to aid with chronic constipation and bowel impaction. 10mg Bisacodyl suppository. Works within minutes!
  • Aid for chronic constipation and bowel impaction
  • Compare to Dulcolax, Theravac/Enemeez and Ceo-Two
  • Water based (not oil based)
  • 10mg bisacodyl suppository
  • Works within minutes

The Magic Bullet Suppository by Concepts in Confidence

The one of a kind Magic Bullet Suppository is designed to aid with chronic constipation and bowel impaction.

Magic Bullet Suppository Packaging

Who uses the Magic Bullet Suppository?
The typical user of the Magic Bullet Suppository is an individual with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)or disease, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, spina bifida, long-term care, or stroke where damage occurred to the nerves that allow a person to control bowel movements. Additionally, any persons suffering from constipation associated with oncology or opioid treatment. Magic Bullet Suppositories are incorporated into Bowel Management programs for individuals with neurogenic bowels to help prevent unplanned bowel movements and other bowel problems such as constipation, diarrhea, and impaction. The Magic Bullet Suppository® is recommended by most major rehab centers.

What ingredients are in the Magic Bullet Suppository?

  • 10mg of bisacodyl
  • Polyethylene Glycol base (water-soluble)

Why use the Magic Bullet Suppository vs. Dulcolax, Theravac/Enemeez, CEO-TWO, Fleets, and hydrogenated vegetable oil-based bisacodyl (HVB) suppositories?
Dulcolax and the other Bisacodyl suppositories have the same active ingredient (10mg Bisacodyl) as The Magic Bullet. The base or carrier of the active ingredient in the suppository is what differentiates the Magic Bullet from all of the rest. The Magic Bullet uses a Polyethylene Glycol base which is water-soluble. This base allows the Bisacodyl to be activated by the body’s own moisture shortly after insertion. The Dulcolax and other Bisacodyl suppositories use a vegetable oil base. This type of base takes longer to work because it needs time to be melted by the body's heat, which can cause continued mucosal irritation with resultant mucus accidents (anal leakage) hours after the Bowel Program (BP).

Clinical Studies have shown that The Magic Bullet proves to be just as effective as mini enemas like Therevac and Enemeez in a bowel program plus they're easier to use as it requires less hand dexterity.

The Magic Bullet uses stimulation of the bowel wall to cause peristalsis to push out the stool. CeoTwo on the other hand produces a gas inside the bowel which relaxes the bowel, causing the movement.

The Magic Bullet is far less costly than its competition. Less than half the price of Dulcolax, and less than a quarter the price of mini enemas.

Finally, it is concluded that the replacement of hydrogenated vegetable oil-based bisacodyl (HVB) suppositories with Polyethylene Glycol base suppository, such as The Magic Bullet, will reduce bowel care time by 50%(J Spinal CordMed1997;20:227 229).

How should the Magic Bullet be inserted?
Remove the suppository from the outer white wrapper. You should use a water-soluble lubricant such as KY or Surgilube to ease insertion and ensure ease of entry. Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) should NEVER be used as it is a barrier between the active ingredient and the bowel.


  • Magic Bullets only need to be refrigerated if the household temperature goes above 76 degrees. It is not recommended that they ever be frozen. Freezing can destroy the effectiveness of the active ingredient rendering the Magic Bullet useless.
  • The Magic Bullet has a 6-month expiration date (shelf life).

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Brand Name Magic Bullet
Manufacturer Number MB100-BOX, MB-10 PACK
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