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Whether you're rehabbing from an injury, recovering from a surgical procedure, or limited by mobility issues, a walker can be a great way to get around; and the right walker accessories will add comfort and even more functionality. At Allegro Medical, we have a variety of walker accessories from industry-leading manufacturers like Drive Medical, Medline, Mabis-DMI, and Nova at the lowest prices guaranteed. Whether you need a storage basket or bag to carry your belongings, a set of gliders to make it easier to move across carpeting or other surfaces, or stability cuffs to add more wrist or hand support, we proudly offer quality products at the lowest prices guaranteed. Shop for walker accessories confidently with our Best Price Guarantee and competitive shipping offers today.

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  1. Walker Glide Balls Walker Glide Balls
    1  Review
  2. Walker Basket Walker Basket
    $6.31 - $25.21
    6  Reviews
  3. Crutch Tips - 7/8" Gray 8 Pairs - Gray - Case of 1 Crutch Tips - 7/8" Gray 8 Pairs - Gray - Case of 1
  4. Nova Rollator Walker Basket - Each Nova Rollator Walker Basket - Each
  5. Walker Tray - Each Walker Tray - Each
    1  Review
  6. Fixed Wheels with Glide Tips Fixed Wheels with Glide Tips
    5  Reviews
  7. Guardian Walker Glide Caps - For Walker , Guardian , 4 Cap/Un - Case of 6 Guardian Walker Glide Caps - For Walker , Guardian , 6 Cap/Un - Case of 6
  8. Sammons Preston® Walker Tray Sammons Preston® Walker Tray
  9. Replacement Parts for Drive Aluminum Rollators Replacement Parts for Drive Aluminum Rollators
    $18.65 - $24.00
    1  Review
  10. Walker Cooler Bags. Walker Cooler Bags.
    $18.00 - $18.54
  11. Glide Ski Walker Tips Glide Ski Walker Tips
    $5.44 - $7.57
    15  Reviews
  12. Double-Sided Quilted Walker Tote Bag Double-Sided Quilted Walker Tote Bag
    $25.75 - $26.49
  13. Nova Rollator Basket - Each Nova Rollator Basket - Each
  14. Nova Mack Deluxe Walker Basket - Each Nova Mack Deluxe Walker Basket - Each
    2  Reviews
  15. Walker Ski Glides - Walker White Ski Glides - Box of 1 Walker Ski Glides - Walker White Ski Glides - Box of 1
  16. Walker Skis - 1 pair Walker Skis - 1 pair
  17. Hand Walker Cuffs - 1 pair Hand Walker Cuffs - 1 pair
  18. Universal Walker Tray - Each Universal Walker Tray - Each
  19. Walker Hand Splint Walker Hand Splint
    $74.98 - $80.09
    1  Review
  20. Guardian Walker Platform Attachment - Adult Guardian Walker Platform Attachment - Adult
    3  Reviews
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What are the most popular walker accessories?

Walkers are mobility aids for people who need more balance support than they can get from a cane. Many walker users also have trouble with locomotion. As a result, some of the most popular walker accessories are mobility enhancers, like walker cuffs, glide balls, and walker skis. However, several highly popular mobility walker accessories make your experience using a walker more comfortable and convenient. This category includes walker baskets and products like Sammons Preston Walker Tray, Nova Walker Travel Bag, and RMS Walker Cooler Bag. In addition, baskets designed for rollators are among the most popular walker accessories.

What can I use instead of tennis balls on my walker?

Although many walker users use tennis balls to help their walkers slide across surfaces, better alternatives exist. For example, Walker Glide Balls are cleaner, safer, and more durable than tennis balls. With these balls, your walker will glide smoothly and quietly over most terrains with less effort. Also, glide balls can save you the cost of frequently replacing tennis balls.

Another popular alternative to a tennis ball is a pair of walker skis, like Glide Ski Walker Tips. These small plastic mobility aids are very durable and less visible. However, your ultimate buying decision will depend on how you use your walker and your personal preferences.

Should I use walker gliders on all 4 legs?

Putting walker gliders on all four of your walker's legs may seem like a good idea. But there is a critical reason you shouldn't. If you do, your walker may slip forward when you need it to be immobile to take a step. As a result, you could lose your balance and take a hard fall.

Instead of adding gliders, you may gain more walker maneuverability by using hand walker cuffs because they allow you to lift and push your walker more easily. You can also enhance your mobility with a two-wheeled walker or a rollator. However, you must be strong and stable enough to make the transition. If you have trouble deciding the best option, consult your physician for a professional assessment.

Will my insurance cover walker accessories?

Private insurance policies vary on the extent of coverage for mobility aids. But Medicare Part B will pay a portion of your walker accessories' cost, provided they are medically necessary for home use. To verify this, your doctor must add the accessories to your prescription for durable medical equipment (DME) for in-home use. Another key requirement is your doctor and DME supplier must be Medicare participants.

After you pay your 20% Part B deductible, Medicare will pay 80% of the cost of your Walker Tray, Walker Tote bag, or other similar walker accessories. As part of their Medicare agreements, DME suppliers must sell the walker accessories within Part B price limits.

Are baskets for walkers universal?

Most walker baskets, like the Nova Max Deluxe Walker Basket and the QualCraft Walker Basket, can fit any walker's crossbar. As a result, you can choose from a wide variety of walker baskets on the market. These mobility products are available in various dimensions. And some baskets include cup holders, tray inserts, and quick-release connections for easy installation and removal. In addition, since most walker baskets are universal, you can select from notable brands like Drive Medical, Medline, and Nova. You can find walker baskets by these brands at AllegroMedical.com.

What are walker cuffs used for?

Since a walker requires hand strength to help lift and push it, weak hands can drastically limit your mobility, especially if you have additional impairments. This reality is why Hand Walker Cuffs can dramatically increase your ability to handle your walker. Just slip your hands into the cuffs and connect the hook and loop fasteners to each handle. This setup transfers the workload to the bigger and stronger muscles in your arms and shoulders. As a result, you can move about with more ease and independence. Also, the hand walker cuff will cause less wear and tear on the glide balls or skis.

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