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If you're shopping for a reliable and affordable Hemi walker, look no further than the quality options we proudly offer at; our selection Hemi walkers and rollators from quality name brands like Drive Medical and Cardinal Health are sure to suit your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Designed to provide support and stability while you walk, Hemi walkers are ideal for those with balance or mobility issues. With a Hemi walker, you'll be able to move around more easily and safely. Shop our full selection of Walkers including hemi walkers and more at the lowest prices guaranteed. For further savings, set up routine shipping with our convenient Allegro Autoship program.

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What exactly is a Hemi walker?

Hemi walkers are small mobility aids for people with limited use of one side of their bodies. Also known as one-arm walkers, Hemi-canes, or side walkers, Hemi walkers look like a cross between a traditional walker and a cane. And ironically, this perception fits their function.

Hemi walkers have a small, lightweight frame consisting of four legs leading up to a single crossbar. Designed for one-hand usage, Hemi walkers look very similar to standard walkers, aside from the smaller frame and configuration. These walkers usually have aluminum frames with rubber tips at the bottom of each leg. These features make a Hemi-walker more stable than a cane but lighter than a traditional walker. In addition, they have two hand grips, one for walking and the other for sitting.

Who benefits most from using a Hemi-walker?

Some older adults prefer using a Hemi-walker for support because this mobility aid allows them to walk faster than a two-handed walker. But the most common users are people with one weak leg, usually due to partial or complete paralysis. As a result, a Hemi-walker provides specialized assistance for people who need more stability support than a cane and more freedom of movement than a standard walker.

People in a weak state benefit from the Hemi walker's compact, easily foldable frame. And although it weighs just over three pounds, the wide spacing of the Hemi walker's legs allows it to support up to 500 pounds. In addition, older adults or physically impaired people benefit from the Hemi walkers being more manageable and storable than standard walkers and rollators.

Are Hemi walkers adjustable?

All Hemi-walkers are adjustable. For example, the height adjustment for an adult Hemi walker ranges between 29" to 36." You can adjust a Hemi walker with the same method you use to modify a cane or a walker. By pressing the push pins at the bottom of the walker, you can adjust each leg to the height you want before snapping the pin in place. The handle should be at your wrist level when your arms hang comfortably to your sides.

If you can advance without discomfort, you know you have adjusted your Hemi walker correctly. You can also purchase Hemi walkers for people with smaller or taller frames. However, your doctor will recommend the correct type of Hemi walker for your condition.

Are rollators available in Hemi-style?

Since the Hemi-walker height range enhances mobility, other types of walkers feature a Hemi-height adjustment option. A standard walker with a Hemi height option has three different height selections: tall, traditional, and Hemi. To measure a standard walker's height, use the distance between the seat and the floor. For example, the Nitro Euro Style Walker Rollator, Hemi Height, has a seat-to-floor measurement of 18 inches. The Hemi-style height can be more comfortable and safer for some users. Also, it gives you more ease traveling over all indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Where can I buy Hemi-walkers at the best prices?

Allegro Medical is a leading online source of medical equipment and supplies with a premium selection of Hemi-walkers at the best prices. It has Cardinal Health and Drive Side Hemi Walkers for guaranteed low prices.

Made of anodized aluminum tubing, the Invacare Adult Hemi Walker by Cardinal Health is a lightweight walker with a 500 lb. weight capacity. This 5-star customer-rated Hemi walker can arrive to you fully assembled. Just as impressive, the 3.5-pound Drive Side Adult Hemi Side Walker is even lighter than the Invacare walker without compromising sturdiness.

You can shop for your Hemi walker through Allegro Medical with the assurance of getting the best price because of Allegro Medical's Best Price Guarantee. If any other Hemi walker retailer offers a better deal online, Allegro will match it. In addition, Allegro Medical's expert customer service team will help you with any questions you may have.

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