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Folding canes are an essential tool for maintaining mobility and independence. At Allegro Medical, we offer a wide selection of high-quality folding canes from trusted brands like Drive Medical, McKesson, Medline, and Switch Sticks. Our canes are available at wholesale prices, so you can get the best possible deal on the mobility assists you need most. Shop our full selection of designer folding canes, canes with seats, and standard folding canes today and take advantage of our low-price guarantee and fast shipping. For further savings, set up routine shipping with our convenient Allegro Autoship program.

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  1. Switch Sticks Folding Walking Stick Cane Switch Sticks Folding Walking Stick Cane
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  2. Aluminum Folding Canes with Gel Grip Aluminum Folding Canes with Gel Grip
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  3. Heavy Duty Folding Cane Lightweight Adjustable with T Handle - Each Heavy Duty Folding Cane Lightweight Adjustable with T Handle - Each
  4. Drive Folding Lightweight Cane with Sling Style Seat - Fixed Height Drive Folding Lightweight Cane with Sling Style Seat - Fixed Height
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  5. Folding Travel Cane - Fritz Handle Folding Travel Cane - Fritz Handle
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What are folding canes made of?

Most folding canes have an aluminum shaft with rubber or wooden handles and a rubber tip at the base. Although folding aluminum canes are very lightweight and storable, they are strong enough to support around 260 pounds. Some cane retailers offer carbon fiber and granite folding canes. But they cost more without adding performance value.

The aluminum-based folding canes outperform standard canes in storability, flexibility, and portability while matching them in durability and stability. And aluminum accepts an assortment of colors and cane accessories. Aluminum-based folding canes are also corrosion-resistant, odorless, impermeable, and recyclable.

Are folding canes safe?

Contrary to erroneous perceptions, folding canes are just as safe as conventional canes. These collapsible walking canes have the same integrity and stability as any other cane, except for quad canes and bariatric walking sticks. Plus, the folding cane's design makes folding, unfolding, and assembly so simple that you don't need instructions. You can take it out of your backpack and make it ready for use in a few seconds. However, you should not use a folding cane if you need more support than a cane can give.

Are folding canes allowed on board airplanes?

The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) will allow you to board a plane with a folding walking cane if you need it for mobility assistance. It also will accept specialty canes and other mobility aids. However, folding canes must conform to the airlines' size limits for carry-on luggage if you intend to store your cane inside your carry-on bags. Since folding canes should easily fit inside your carry-ons, this TSA rule should not be a problem. If you have any special concerns about your folding cane, visit the TSA website for further assistance.

Do folding walking sticks or canes have a weight limit?

Walking sticks and canes have weight limits. As a result, their dimensions and design are proportionate to the user's body size. During the cane design process, the designers can manipulate handle size, shaft size, and overall structure to accommodate the user's size. They can also increase a canes weight bearing capacity by adding four base points at the end of the cane's shaft, making it a bariatric quad cane.

Typically, the weight limit specs of your cane or walking stick will appear in the cane's product page details section on the retailer’s website or in the instructions for using your cane. For example, the Switch Sticks Folding Walking Stick Cane has a weight limit of 264 lbs. Cane users of 250 lbs. can choose a wide variety of bariatric walking sticks and canes with weight capacities up to 500 lbs.

Are folding walking sticks height adjustable?

Folding walking sticks are height adjustable. The typical folding walking stick height setting is between 32 and 37 inches, measuring from the floor to the crease of your wrist. The height adjusting feature helps you avoid pain from bending over too far or slouching.

You can easily adjust the height of your cane by pressing a locking button and sliding the inner tube up or down until it pops into the next hole. Repeat this process until your folding cane is at the desired height.

Does Medicare cover walking canes?

Medicare Plan B or Medicare Advantage will pay 80% of the Medicare-Approved amount for your walking cane, provided you have met your deductible and your doctor and durable medical suppliers are Medicare enrolled. Also, you will need a prescription from your doctor to verify you need the cane for medical purposes.

Along with making your medical equipment suppliers adhere to strict standards, Medicare requires them to stay within its pricing limits. Depending on the type of cane or walking stick you need, Medicare may determine that you rent or buy these mobility aids, or the program may give you the option to rent or buy.

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