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Neck Braces and Cervical Collars for Sale

Neck braces, also known as cervical collars or cervical braces, are essential devices used to align and restrict movement in the upper spine as it heals from injury or surgery. Depending on the medical reason for using a neck support brace, your health professional may recommend one of many styles including low-profile cervical collars, rigid neck braces, foam braces, or possibly a SOMI Brace (Sternal Occipital Mandibular Immobilizer). proudly offers a complete inventory of neck braces and other cervical support devices from industry-leading manufacturers like Sammons Preston, AliMed, Cardinal Health, Bell-Horn, and Medline at the lowest prices guaranteed. For peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping of your most commonly used orthopedic supplies with our convenient Allegro Autoship program.

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  1. Bell-Horn Universal Cervical Collar Bell-Horn Universal Cervical Collar
    6  Reviews
  2. Serpentine style Cervical Collars Serpentine style Cervical Collars
    $5.77 - $7.46
  3. Headmaster Collar Low-Profile Cervical Collar Grey Headmaster Collar Low-Profile Cervical Collar Grey
    $145.46 - $177.20
    8  Reviews
  4. Overdoor Cervical Traction Set - Each Overdoor Cervical Traction Set - Each
    10  Reviews
  5. Head Halters - Universal Head Halters - Universal
  6. Leader Cervical Collar - 2-1/2 Leader Cervical Collar - 2-1/2"
    4  Reviews
  7. SOMI Brace (Sternal Occipital Mandibular Immobilizer) SOMI Brace (Sternal Occipital Mandibular Immobilizer)
    $317.90 - $522.06
    2  Reviews
  8. Core Apex Cervical Orthosis Premium Core Apex Cervical Orthosis Premium
    Please for professional pricing
  9. Optional Pads for Headmaster Collar Neck Pad Optional Pads for Headmaster Collar Neck Pad
  10. Cervical Collar - Cervical Collar Cervical Collar - Cervical Collar
  11. Miami J Cervical Collar Replacement Pads Miami J Cervical Collar Replacement Pads
    17  Reviews
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What is the difference between a cervical collar and a neck brace?

A cervical collar and a neck brace are essentially the same orthopedic products. People use these terms interchangeably for a medical device that supports the neck and spine of an injured person. It works by limiting post-injury head movement until the area has healed. Your neck is a vulnerable part of your spinal column, making it susceptible to severe injury in car accidents, sports collisions, or everyday activities. Also, people with chronic neck pain use neck braces to help relieve their discomfort. Therefore, neck braces are crucial for caring for short-term or ongoing neck injuries and ailments.

How do you sleep in a neck brace?

Getting productive sleep is essential for helping your injured neck heal. To this end, you can get high-quality rest while wearing a neck brace for sleeping, provided you follow some neck brace-safe sleeping rules. The first rule is to sleep on your back and avoid lying on your stomach. If you have trouble sleeping on your back, you may sleep on your side. The focus is on keeping your neck straight. Next, you should sleep on a firm mattress with a supportive pillow to ensure maximum spinal support. Your pillow should have enough thickness to support your neck. However, your doctor may have special instructions that could override this arrangement.

What is the difference between a soft neck brace and a rigid neck brace?

The difference between a soft neck brace like the Bell-Horn Universal Cervical Collar and a rigid neck brace is the range of movement they allow. Since soft collars allow some limited range of motion, they serve as a transitional brace from rigid cervical collars and rehabilitation aid for minor neck conditions. On the other, if you’re recovering from neck surgery or suffer from a very severe neck condition, a rigid neck brace provides 100% neck restriction for maximum stabilization and support. Soft Collars have a foam rubber, polyethylene, or inflatable cuff that encircles your neck, and rigid collars have a tough plastic shell covering a vinyl or foam core.

Where can I buy a neck brace? Do I need a prescription?

Since neck braces are non-prescription, many in-store and online retailers offer neck braces for sale. However, online medical supply and orthopedic supplies retailer Allegro Medical offers a premium selection like the Headmaster Collar Low-Profile Cervical Collar and the Serpentine style Cervical Collars. In addition, they feature products from top cervical support providers like Regency Products, Deluxe Comfort, Stifneck®, and Bell-Horn. Along with the Best Price Guarantee, Allegro Medical also has customer service experts capable of all your questions.

What conditions do neck braces work for?

Cervical neck braces are nonsurgical treatment aids used as a conservative treatment regimen for several neck disorders. Soft collared neck braces work best for cases of whiplash, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, bone spurs, and neck sprains. Conversely, rigid collared neck braces help recover severe neck trauma, such as neck surgeries, cervical fractures, and severe collision/sudden stop injuries.

Can I remove my neck brace to shower?

Since taking off your cervical neck brace can subject you to further injury or permanent disability, you must keep the brace on at all times, even in the shower. As a result, you should adjust your showering times to allow your collar’s drying time.

Can you drive with a neck brace?

Driving requires your neck to have a full range of motion and the necessary range of sight to see all traffic conditions. Consequently, you should not drive while wearing a neck support brace.

What is a SOMI Brace?

The SOMI Brace attaches to a sternal occipital mandibular immobilization device to produce zero mobility of your head and neck. These two devices set your neck in perfect alignment with your spine. The SOMI Brace’s two main contact points are the occipital (back of the head) area and the mandibular (lower jaw). This SOMI Brace’s primary use is for patients with chronic ailments like rheumatoid arthritis in the neck or individuals recovering from surgery.

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