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Thumb and Finger Braces, Supports, Stabilizers & Immobilizers

Finger support and thumb braces provide relief and stabilization for painful conditions like arthritis, tendonitis, and sprains or fractures. While some conditions require the complete immobilization of a finger splint or thumb immobilizer, others, like arthritis, are best supported by a dynamic finger brace to allow for some movement. offers a comprehensive selection of thumb braces, thumb spicas, trigger finger braces, and a variety of thumb and finger splints at the lowest prices guaranteed. Shop our full inventory of finger, thumb, and hand orthopedic supplies confidently with our Best Price Guarantee and for peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping with our convenient Allegro Autoship program.

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  1. Liberty CMC Thumb Immobilizer Liberty CMC Thumb Immobilizer
    $6.31 - $44.47
    4  Reviews
  2. Ulnar Deviation Splint Ulnar Deviation Splint
    $34.27 - $43.63
    3  Reviews
  3. Form Fit Thumb Spica Form Fit Thumb Spica
    $36.01 - $43.57
    26  Reviews
  4. Ulnar Gutter Wrist Splints Ulnar Gutter Wrist Splints
    $46.53 - $50.87
  5. FREEDOM Thumb Spica FREEDOM Thumb Spica
    $26.72 - $28.39
    2  Reviews
  6. Frog Finger Splints - Medium - Case of 12 Frog Finger Splints - Medium - Case of 12
  7. Rolyan R-Stretch Elasticized Loop 1 X25 YD. (2.5 X 22.8M) Rolyan R-Stretch Elasticized Loop 1" X25 YD. (2.5 X 22.8M)
    $26.63 - $78.93
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Is there a brace specifically for the trigger finger?

While you may be able to find braces that are specifically designed to treat trigger finger injuries, any basic finger brace or strap will do. The goal of a trigger finger brace is to keep the finger straight and ensure it doesn’t bend, while also preventing excessive movement that can intensify the pain.

Frog finger splints are a good, affordable finger brace option. They are lined with malleable aluminum and padded with foam to provide comfort and support simultaneously.

How can I splint a finger with an injury?

Splinting a finger can become necessary with serious trauma, usually in the form of a sprain or even a break or fracture. Splints are designed to prevent motion, allowing the finger time to heal without adding insult to injury.

To splint a finger with an injury, healthcare professionals typically opt for a pre-made splint. There are many upper extremity braces and supports to choose from, such as an ulnar deviation splint, an aluminum metacarpal splint, curved finger splints, Stax finger splints, frog finger splints, and more.

In a pinch, you could even make a finger splint brace at home, simply by using a stiff stick and medical tape to secure it to the finger.

Where can I buy a thumb brace?

You can shop for a wide variety of thumb braces and wraps online at Allegromedical. Some of our customers' favorite thumb brace products include Freedom Thumb Stabilizers, SportsFit Thumb Orthoses, the Comfort Cool Wrist Brace with Thumb Support, and the Liberty CMC Thumb Immobilizer.

Should you sleep with a finger splint on?

Yes. Sleeping with a finger splint will actually be beneficial to you. During periods of rest, the body's processes become slower than during periods of activity. This allows lactic acid and fluid to accumulate in the muscles, especially in the limbs. The additional fluid retention often results in swelling, increasing the chances of pain in the injured finger.

How do I brace my sprained thumb?

You can start by purchasing your necessary orthopedic supplies. Once you have accumulated the products needed, begin by wrapping a piece of medical tape around the wrist, then bring it up from the inner wrist, toward the thumb.

Loop around the thumb and then bring it down to the back of the wrist. Make another loop of tape from the top end of the thumb to the back of the hand. Repeat this twice to secure the thumb in place. Ideally, the tape should be wrapped tight enough to provide support without restricting blood flow.

What is the best type of thumb brace for arthritis?

The best finger brace for arthritis is one that provides comfort and support without being too rigid and hard so that the joints can continue to move. But ultimately, choosing the best thumb brace depends on how you plan to use it and your personal preferences. For example, if you have to wear the brace for long periods of time, you might prioritize comfort over other factors like the overall bulkiness of the brace or how the brace closure works.

Ultimately, the material should be breathable, while also being firm enough to minimize thumb movement with light compression. You may also need to opt for a thumb and wrist brace if you suffer from severe osteoarthritis. We are proud to offer many options for hand and wrist supports at Allegromedical.

What is a thumb spica?

A thumb spica is simply a thumb brace or splint designed specifically for thumb support, otherwise known as spica. This type of orthopedic brace is used to provide comfort and support after a thumb injury, and helps prevent movement of the thumb without restricting the rest of the fingers. You can find many different thumb spica immobilizers online, such as the Radial-Based Thumb Spica.

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