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Save on Colostomy Bag Odor Eliminators and Ostomy Bag Odor Spray

Quality room deodorizers are an important part of ostomy care in both at-home and clinical settings. At Allegro Medical, we offer many different types of ostomy odor eliminators and sprays that can not only fill a room with a pleasant scent, but effectively remove the odor from the air altogether. We have unscented sprays and refills that can simply help to eliminate odors and others that will leave behind an inviting, fresh scent. Our selection of ostomy odor eliminators and room deodorizers are manufactured by industry-leading companies like Bard, Carrington, DermaRite, Medi-Aire, and Medline at the lowest prices guaranteed. Buy ostomy odor eliminators today with our Best Price Guarantee, affordable shipping options, and convenient Allegro Autoship program. For more information or to get answers to your questions, reach out to our exceptional customer service team at any time.

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  1. Medi-Aire Biological Odor Eliminator - 1 oz Spray bottle Medi-Aire Biological Odor Eliminator - 1 oz Spray bottle
    $5.61 - $5.76
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    Medline CarraFree Odor Eliminator Spray - Unscented - 1 oz. Pump Bottle - Carrafree Medline CarraFree Odor Eliminator Spray - Unscented - 1 oz. Pump Bottle - Carrafree
    $3.29 Special Price $3.06
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    Medi-aire Biological Odor Eliminator - 8oz Refiller Bottle Medi-aire Biological Odor Eliminator - 8oz Refiller Bottle
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    ByeBye Odor Neutralizer - Original Scent - Each ByeBye Odor Neutralizer - Original Scent - Each
    $1.64 Special Price $1.53
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    CarraScent Odor Eliminator - Fresh Scented Odor Eliminating Spray Simply Fresh Odor Eliminators Spray
    $3.67 - $137.26
    $3.41 - $127.65
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  6. Medi-aire Biological Odor Eliminator Fresh Air Scent - 8oz Spray Bottle Deodorizer Medi-aire® Biological Odor Eliminator Liquid 8 oz
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    Carrington Enzymatic Odor Eliminator Carrington Enzymatic Odor Eliminator
    3  Reviews
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Room Deodorizers


Why does my colostomy bag smell?

A colostomy bag is attached directly to the large intestine through an incision in the abdomen. It collects the body's waste so naturally, it does have an unpleasant odor. It is perfectly normal for the bag to have some odor since it is holding the waste for a few hours at a time. Luckily, there are several ostomy supplies you can turn to to help neutralize the odor, like ostomy deodorant.

How do you get rid of the smell of a colostomy?

Ostomy deodorants are one product you can try to help neutralize the odor in your everyday life. You simply add a few drops of deodorizer to the ostomy bag before using it and it will help reduce the unpleasant smell. Ostomy deodorants are very effective and only a few drops can help neutralize odor for hours. You can count on your ostomy deodorant to make your life with an ostomy bag simpler.

What is the best room deodorizer for ostomy patients?

Room deodorizers like the Medi-aire Biological Odor Eliminator Fresh Air Scent are effective for deodorizing rooms where ostomy patients are treated. Because there are many people and ostomy supplies in the room at a time, the smell can be a little more pungent. This spray mixes into the air and fills the room with a fresh scent that masks the smell of human waste. Idea for nursing homes, hospitals, and medical clinics, ostomy room deodorizers are available in scented formulas like 'fresh air' and lemon scent or unscented formulas. You can also try other effective products like the ByeBye Odor Neutralizer or the Medline CarraFree Odor Eliminator Spray.

What is the difference between standard room deodorizers and medical room deodorizers?

Standard room deodorizers are usually very light scents that have added perfume. They are intended to add a lovely scent to the room but are not strong enough to kill odors. They are not designed to actually neutralize heavy odors. A medical room deodorizer is stronger and more effective at minimizing or eliminating the strong smell associated with ostomies.

How do biological odor eliminators work?

A biological odor eliminator is made without the use of perfumes. Instead, it is a mix of enzymes and bacteria cultures that counteract the strong odors of unpleasant organic waste. It does not contain any chemicals to kill or neutralize odor, making it safer to use in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, or even at home if you have an ostomy patient in your care. The natural enzymes in the biological odor eliminator break down the elements in the organic waste and neutralize the smell for good.

Do I need both an ostomy deodorant and a room deodorizer?

Yes, you will benefit greatly from using both odor-eliminating types of ostomy supplies. The ostomy deodorant remains in the ostomy bag so it continues to neutralize odor as you move about your day. Able-bodied patients who live with an ostomy bag need a deodorizer at all times to eliminate the smell. The room deodorizer will keep the room with ostomy supplies or several ostomy patients from developing an unpleasant odor. Using both items together will greatly reduce the odors associated with an ostomy bag and other ostomy supplies.

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