"I tried various solutions...I experienced leakage, which was really, really distressing."

- Sandra[1]

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. In fact, a recent study showed a whopping 92% of individuals worry that their barrier will leak, and 76% of individuals experience some level of leakage[1]. Life with an ostomy isn’t straightforward, but it shouldn’t have to involve frequent leakage, either.

Create a custom solution

This feedback – of real experiences from real people – led Coloplast to create a full range of skin-friendly and sting-free accessories designed to reduce leakage and care for skin:


If your skin is getting damaged by adhesives or stoma output coming in contact with the skin, Brava® Skin Barrier can provide the extra protection you may be looking for. The spray and/or wipes leave a thin, transparent layer of durable liquid barrier on the skin, and don’t affect adhesion of the barrier on top. Unlike some of the skin barrier film or ”prep” products to which you may be accustomed, these sprays and wipes feature an oversized, soft cloth that feels a bit dryer to the touch and doesn’t leave a tacky feel.



The seal around the stoma needs to be resistant to breaking down and dissolving; otherwise there can be risk of leakage. This can damage the skin and require unplanned appliance changes. A Brava® Moldable Ring is your first line of defense to keep leaks at bay – it’s specially formulated to resist breaking down, so it can effectively “caulk” around your stoma to create a tight, long-lasting seal between your barrier, skin and stoma.



Now there is a skin-friendly and elastic tape alternative! Skin-friendly Elastic Barrier Strips are designed to keep your ostomy barrier securely in place while allowing you freedom of movement. Thanks to their elasticity, whether you are stretching for something on the top shelf or bending down to tie your shoe, you can rest assured that your barrier strips will move with you and keep your appliance firmly in place.

Every body is unique – so a customized fit is key. Visit brava.coloplast.us for some guidance on which accessory may be right for you, or mix and match within the Brava range based on your specific needs by ordering here.

1 Coloplast has compensated Sandra to share her SenSura® product experience. Each person’s situation is unique, so your experience may not be the same. Talk to your healthcare provider about whether this product is right for you.

2 Claessens-Spee I, Nilsson C, Steen A. (2014, June). The Ostomy Life Study: A snapshot of how people with a stoma are affected by experiencing leakage and feeling of ‘standing out’. Poster presented at the meeting of WCET, Gothenburg, Sweden. Respondents: 4138