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  1. Presto – After 30 Years You May Not Have High Blood Pressure Anymore!

    Presto – After 30 Years You May Not Have High Blood Pressure Anymore!

    The Journal of American Medical Association has raised the systolic number for people over 60 to 150/90.
    CNN reports that after 30 years of the goal being set at 140/90 there was overwhelming evidence that the number should be raised for older adults.  Nobody knows exactly how many people this will affect, but it is suspected that millions of people will no longer need or qualify for blood pressure medication.

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  2. Detecting the “Silent Killer”: Steps to an Accurate Blood Pressure Reading

    As we age, our doctors tell us to stay active and keep a healthy lifestyle. They take our blood pressure, recite a few numbers, and possibly talk about how to change the number. But what do those numbers mean?

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  3. Multivitamins don't protect against cardiovascular disease, study finds

    Medical SuppliesResearch published online Monday in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that taking a daily multivitamin offers no more protection against heart attack, stroke or death from cardiovascular disease than taking a daily placebo pill.  The study was based on the Physicians' Health Study II (PHS II), a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial that began in 1997 and ran through June 1, 2011. It included 14,641 male physicians (754 with a history of cardiovascular disease) who were 50 years or older at the start of the study. About half (7,317) of the men were randomly assigned to take a daily Centrum multivitamin; the other half (7,324) were assigned to take placebo pills.

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  4. Beans a Boon for People With Diabetes, Study Finds

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  5. Analyzers and Monitors to Keep you in Check

    Measuring your progress is the best way to stay on track whether you're reducing body fat, tracking your cholesterol, testing your eyesight or monitoring your heart rate. has a fantastic selection of the latest diagnostic products for home or professional use.

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