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  1. Dietary Supplements to Replenish and Energize

    Duocal Powder - 400g Proper nutrition isn't always easy to maintain, even if you are eatin' your greens.  But it is more important than you might imagine when it comes to feeling energized and focused. 

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  2. 6 Back-to-School Products Parents Must Consider

    Back-to-School is hectic and stressful for parents and kids alike. If you can identify with any of the 6 situations below, I guarantee you that these solutions will reduce your stress and make your kids' lives a little easier too.

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  3. Prevent Slips 'n Falls at Home

    The 2010 Winter Olympics start on February 12th and we are sure to see plenty of spills and thrills.  And though slips and falls are commonplace in the arena or on the slopes, they shouldn't happen at home.  

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  4. Prepare your Home for Holiday Guests

    Is your home safe for holiday guests?  If little Ian and grandpa Ray are visiting for a few days, or even just for Christmas dinner, there are simple precautions you can take to avoid the trauma of a holiday accident in your home.  

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  5. 10 Best Car Travel Aids

    Ahhhh, the joys of summer vacations in the car.   Cruisin' down the road with the kids, grandma and the dog.   Feeling free and happy . . .

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  6. 10 Ways to Prevent Falls at Home

    Did you know that you can sit DOWN in the shower and UP in the tub without a remodel?  Refreshing news to those with limited mobility, balance problems, weakness . . . or gals who just want to sit down and shave! 

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  7. Caregivers: Let us Help You

    Allegro is celebrating 'Patient Safety Week', the week of March 9th, with an eye towards safety products for everyone, including patients. Besides making your life easier, many of these simple products will help avoid slip-n-falls, accidents and household injuries or even death.

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  8. Pregnant? Top 10 Most Popular Prenatal Products

    All the latest, greatest products along with the tried & true, to keep you comfy during your pregnancy.

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  9. Top 10 Best Selling Jogging Strollers

     AllegroMedical is more than medical supplies and child nutrition! In fact, jogging strollers are among our most popular products.  We have the classic styles from Baby Jogger, InStep, BeBeLove, Dreamer Design and Zooper - all at the lowest prices available anywhere.

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  10. *NEW* Products for Mommies & Daddies


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