Ahhhh, the joys of summer vacations in the car.   Cruisin' down the road with the kids, grandma and the dog.   Feeling free and happy . . .

Ohhhhh, the queasy stomachs, the back pain, butt pain, boo boos, bathroom breaks, fussy babies . . .

Every trip has its ups and downs.  Minimize your downs with these

10 Best Car Travel Aids:

Coccyx Cushions - The hottest selling products in our travel aids category are the cushions.  That's because we have such smart customers.  Sitting too long on your bottom will wreak havoc on your spine, sometimes causing serious back pain.  Relieve the pressure and maximize the comfort with a coccyx cushion.  Great for car, office and home.  Another great product for the driver is the Dream Foam Head Rest Pillow.

Queasy Drops Kids - Developed by health care professionals for queasy stomachs these lollies are perfect for kids prone to motion sickness.  They're all natural.  Assorted flavors. 

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 Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion - This cushion swivels, helping you to help people get in and out of the car safely.  Prevents back and hip strain during transfers.  Lightweight and portable.  Another product like this is the easy to use Car Slide.

TravelJohn Disposable Urinal - For when you really have to go and there isn't a bathroom in sight - or it's nasty or inaccessible.  Can be used by men, women and children - standing or sitting.  Neat, huh.

Another option (for men, anyway) is the McGuire Urinal with Sewn-in Sheath.  Very popular.

Car Caddie Helping Hand - Offers a helping hand for getting out of cars, trucks or vans.

Handybar 3 in 1 Car Aid - Every single car should have one of these within reach of the passengers.  I bought one for everyone in my family for Christmas.  It could save your life.  The 3 - in 1 Car Aid features an emergency  seat belt cutter, side window breaker and arm support for exiting the vehicle. 

Eye Pillow with ergoBeads - Okay, for sure this eye pillow is not for the driver, but the passengers will love it when they're trying to nap.  It keeps out the light plus it cools and soothes your eyes.  For maximum comfort add a neck cushion!

Car Seat Belt Cushion - Extra padding for pregnant drivers or people who don't like seat belts.

Dream Ride SE Infant Car Bed- Super affordable and highly praised, this infant car bed is perfect to keep newborn's developing organs un-scrunched during travel.

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Disposable Underpads - These absorbent little seat protectors are inexpensive and could save your car seats from all kinds of disasters.  Get a pack.  You'll especially thank me if you have kids or dogs.  

We hope you have safe and happy travels all year long.  Speaking of safety, here's your bonus product:  Emergency First Aid Auto Kit.

And do me a favor (besides ordering something):  When you write a postcard to someone be sure to say, "The weather is here.  Wish you were beautiful!"  That always cracks me up.