All the latest, greatest products along with the tried & true, to keep you comfy during your pregnancy.

Allegro Customer's Top 10 Picks for Expecting Mothers

Band Be Hold - Maternity Belly Band - A must-have support piece for all pregnant women.


Beattitude - Skivvies - Breathable microfiber fabric "shorts" with expanding tummy section, back support panel and extra-wide under tummy support band.  Great for evening wear or exercise.  See all Amon Briefs, Bands & Shapers.

Car Seat Belt Cushion - An excellent solution for pregnant women who need a little extra cushion on their seat belts.


Obus Forme Body Pillow - This 4 1/2 foot long pillow fits perfectly between the legs and under the belly for a comfy night's sleep.  Antibacterial fiberfill.


Rest EZ II - Two connecting pillos filled with supporting foam.  Soft removable cover.  Adjustable.  See all Summer Infant products.


Heart-to-Heart Prenatal Listening System - Hear your unborn baby's heartbeat, kicks & hiccups.  Two headsets.  Includes cables to record sounds that can be emailed. Very cool.


Preggie Pop Drops and Preggie Pops - A natural, drug-free way to ease morning sickness.


Comfort Body Pillow - Promotes healthy leg circulation and healthy spinal alignment.  Supports the back and the belly.


Baby Belly Ups - Keeps Your Pants Up! Attach your bra to your waistband. No extra bulk or layers.  Machine washable.




Bounce-a-Bye Baby Ball - can be used as a pre- and post-pregnancy fitness ball, a birthing ball, and a baby soothing motion seat.

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