Back-to-School is hectic and stressful for parents and kids alike. If you can identify with any of the 6 situations below, I guarantee you that these solutions will reduce your stress and make your kids' lives a little easier too.

Don’t Jack the Back, Mac

What kid wants to walk around with a messed up spine when they’re 10 years old? As a parent, you’ll have one less thing to worry about if you get them an Airpack Ergonomic Back-Saving Backpack.  They’re cool, trendy, ergonomic AND healthy. Plus they have compartments, zippers, hidey holes, bells and whistles galore.


Airpacks backpacks patented design redistributes weight from the shoulders to the hips and lower back, thereby lightening the effective weight of the pack by 50%. Stress on the body is reduced by a whopping 80% because the design promotes a more upright standing position. Airpacks come in small, medium and large and are sized to fit by height (or torso length). Great for students of all ages.

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Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock w/ Bed Shaker

Stop Missin’ the Bus, Gus

Having a hard time waking them up? Fear not. Get ‘em out of bed with a Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker!  There’s even a Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm Clock to wake up your sleeping beauty.  And boys who love skulls will love being shaken awake by their Skull Alarm Clock with Bone Crusher Bed Vibrator.

You can set these clocks to do all kinds of things – loud or not so much. I have the Portable Vibrating Travel Alarm that gently vibrates my pillow so I wake up feeling calm.  No noise – but I could add noise if I wanted. There’s something up for everyone. Go for the Sonic Bomb, Soccer Mom!

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DRI Sleeper Alarm System

Quit Wettin’ the Bed, Fred

The start of a new school year is stressful for everyone, but even more so for families with bed wetters. Besides the lack of sleep and overall frustration you’re ALL feeling, your child is also likely dealing with significant emotional and social issues associated with bed wetting.

If you are tired of the stress (and mess), try a bedwetting alarm as a training tool. 

Bed wetting alarms detect moisture and awaken the child when just a drop or two of urine hits the sensor pad.  They are worn in the child’s undergarments.  Check out the unisex DRI Sleeper Alarm System.  There is also a Nite Train’r for Males and a Nite Train'r for Females.

Crissy, an Allegro customer from Fullerton, CA says, “Our six year old son never had dry nights, even as a preschooler. He is a very sound sleeper, but after two nights he began waking up to the alarm…he has had three dry nights during the third week of use.”

Don’t wait until you’re at the end of your rope. Hopefully a bedwetting alarm will quickly let you remove bedwetting from the list of stressors in the morning rush to school.

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Pediasure - Nutritional Drink - 8 oz Ready-to-Drink Bottles

No more Starvin’, Marvin

It’s no secret that kids don’t always eat right. At least when they are home, you can do a better job of monitoring it. Once they’re off to school it’s anyone’s bet. If you know, or suspect, or have been told that little Suzy is not getting enough calories, there is a simple answer. Supplement their meals with balanced shakes, juice drinks or puddings. We have a complete selection of Child Nutrition products – our most popular being Pediasure, Boost Kid Essentials, and Boost Pudding.

These products cover picky eaters, skinny kids, special needs, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, reduced appetite, super-active, low-weight, chronic illnesses, short-term illnesses, malnutrition – pretty much everything. There’s no reason for you to worry about Junior getting enough to eat.  Kids love this stuff.

Jensen Emergency Kit

Be Ready, Mama Betty

School time means toting kids around. Sometimes toting other people's kids around. Even if you’re not driving with kids, we all need to pay attention to this. Are you prepared for an emergency? Here is a checklist of things you need in your car in case you’re stranded or in an accident:

  • Emergency First Aid Auto Kit
  • Handybar 3 in 1 Car Aid
  • Jensen Emergency Kit
  • Emergency Rescue Blanket
  • Jug of water
  • A list of emergency phone numbers
  • Energy Bars
  • Cold Weather Mask
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    Don’t dilly dally. Order them now. It’s easy. And when you need a rescue blanket or a side window breaker, you'll be glad to have it.  It could save your life or your child's life.

    IsaGel No-rinse Instant Hand Sanitizing Gel

    Don't Sneeze Up the Goo, Sue

    Make sure you have plenty of hand sanitizers to squirt on those little germy fingers, and surface disinfectants for your counters, bannisters, keyboards, etc. 

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    Have a safe and happy school season.  And thanks for being an Allegro Medical customer. We appreciate your business.