Bathroom Safety for Seniors

The Bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house with the highest injury rate in senior adults age 65 and older.  The majority of bathroom injuries are the result of falls.  Exiting the tub or shower is the most dangerous activity for all age groups since bathroom floors and fixtures are more slippery after showering.  Toileting is especially hazardous for aging adults when getting on and off the toilet.   Moving from a sit to stand position after sitting for an extended period of time can cause dizziness that results in falls.   According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all adults should be aware of bathroom activities that result in the majority of injuries, especially stepping into and out of showers/tubs and standing up from or sitting on toilets.

Bathroom assist products are encouraged for ensuring safety and preventing falls.  Injuries from falls in the elderly reduce quality of life and independence.2 Bathroom safety awareness and the incorporation of bathroom assist products available from will reduce the risk of bathroom injuries.

Reduce bathroom injuries by making three simple modifications to your bathroom: Install a non-slip bath mat, add grab bars for leverage and stability, and use a tub transfer seat.

Don’t take our word for it; see what our customers have to say:

1.  Install Non-Slip Mats: 

Non-slip Mats provide a safe barrier between your feet and the wet slippery surface.  Individuals of all ages are at risk of slipping while stepping in and out of a wet tub without the added traction of a non-slip mat.  If your tub or shower doesn’t have a built-in textured non-slip surface consider adding the Extra Long Bath Mat.

Non-Slip Bath Mat

"I found it very hard to find a sturdy bath tub mat. The large size is great. It has a bit of heft without being heavy to handle. It stays in place and does not bunch up. I am very happy with my purchase."
-Review by customer  sola from madison, wi
2. Install Grab Bars:

Grab bars offer security to people needing help rising from a sit to stand position after using the toilet and provide additional balance stability when stepping into or out of a shower or bath tub.  Generally, grab bars mitigate falls by offering users an easy to grab secure surface during high risk activities in the bathroom.  There are numerous grab bars to choose from and the Suction Cup Grab Bars and Kurled Grab Bars and two popular options available from  Install grab bars anywhere you or a patient need additional support.

Suction Cup Grab Bars

"I needed this because I am having difficulty moving around and need a total hip replacement. I was afraid I would fall in the shower because I couldn't steady myself but I didn't want to drill holes for grab bars. At first I couldn't get this product to stick. I called the manufacturer and was told to clean the suction pad with alcohol. That was all it needed! The Product is wonderful and I am comfortably secure. What I really like about this product was the ability to move it around to find the most comfortable spot for me to place the grab bar. It's so important not to overreach when I am trying to steady myself. After reading several reviews from many places, I chose this product due to it's sturdiness and reliability. Allegro sent the product to me immediately and for the right price. I would recommend them highly. "  

-Review by customer Jane from Marlboro, NJ

"We received the shipment the next day. WOW was that great. We needed to replace the grab rails in the shower for my handicapped husband. THey are great, strong and reliable. Will recommend this product to anyone. Also, your company is great, keep up the good work "  
-Review by customer  kbaublitz from York, PAKnurled Grab Bars
3.  Use a Tub Transfer Bench:

Transfer benches are perfect for people concerned about stepping over the tub wall.  Instead of having to balance yourself while lifting your leg to step up and over, users simply scoot themselves across the bench into the tub.  If scooting is not an option, a sliding transfer bench is an alternative item where the seat of the bench glides back and forth with the release of a lever.

 Tub Transfer Bench

 "This shower chair is a life saver for my 85 year old mother. She is unable to stand very long and shaky on her feet. Now she can enjoy a shower again"     -Review by Customer Recybug from Suffolk,Va.

Injuries in bathrooms are preventable through awareness of high risk activities and minor environmental modifications.  Don't let a preventable injury reduce your quality of life. has bathroom assists to help keep  you, your patient or loved one safe and independent.