Best and the Worst Hospitals for Joint Replacement

NPR reports that Medicare has listed 97 hospitals that people are less likely to suffer complications and 95 hospitals that have higher readmission rates or significant setbacks.

The analysis is an effort of Medicare to push for better health care. Many of the hospitals on the list of higher complications have complained that the study spanned 2009-2012 and that they have fixed many of the problems since.

The “worst” hospitals in terms of complications and people being readmitted are listed below:
View the entire list of the “best” hospitals: HERE

View the entire list of “worst” hospitals: HERE

According to WebMD, the following tips make recovering from a joint replacement easier.
• Stair climbing should be kept to a minimum of no more than once a day.
• Avoid reclining chairs. A good stiff backed chair is always best.
• Pick up all throw rugs.
• Keep energetic pets away.

Post-operative care and having the correct medical equipment can aid in a healthy recovery from any surgery. Shop for a large selection and low prices on daily living aids and other joint replacement medical supplies.