No matter what your weight or height or Body Mass Index (BMI), we believe the most important thing is that your products are safe and that they fit your size and your lifestyle. 

 Generally most products accomodate a person's weight up to 200 or 300 lbs., but within that range and certainly beyond, it becomes very important to check the weight capacities as well as the actual size of the product.  Make sure it fits in your space and you fit in its space!   

Bariatric Buyer's Guide by Weight Capacity: 

Up to 350 lbs.

Extra Wide Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat with Legs - Adds 4" to your toilet seat, making it easier to get up and down.  Has soft foam arm rests!  Also available in 600 lb. capacity.


Bariatric Rollator - Burgundy - Sports 8" casters and a nice burgundy color. This beauty has everything.  A large 20" x 13" padded seat, wire basket, loop brakes and adjustable height handes.


Up to 450 lbs.

Extra Wide Commode - Removable backrest.  Seat size is 23" W x 18" D.


Up to 500 lbs:

Invacare Bariatric Rollator - Spacious, comfortable, safe and extremely affordable.  Use indoor or outdoor.  Padded seat measures 18" by 23".  Warning:  It's big and heavy.  Be sure you have enough room for it. 


Bariatric Safety Roller - Adjusts from 17.5" to 22.5" wide.  Height adjusts in 1" increments.  Steel frame, skid resistant, folding, includes braking mechanism.  What more?

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 Toilevator Toilet Riser - Raises the actual toilet, from underneath, by 3.5".  A great alternative to elevated toilet seats!  Super popular and highly recommended.

Bariatric Contour Cushion - For positioning and pressure relief.  Various size choices up to 28" x 28".


Up to 600 lbs. 

"No-Lift" Booster - 46" L x 46" W.  A painless way to move someone toward the head of the bed without lifting them. 


Bariatric Transfer Board - a sturdy 35" L x 8" W, with hand slots.

Home Care Bariatric Bed w/Mattress & Bedrails - Full Electric.  Heavy duty frame.  User or caregiver can lift/lower head and feet or make the bed raise or lower with a hand pendant.  Easy setup.  Also available with 750 lb. capacity.


Up to 700 lbs.:

Bariatric Shower Chair with Back - For extra stability in the shower.  17" Wide,  16.5" Deep. 


Bariatric Bath Chair with Back -  Suction-cup feet secure this comfortable height-adjustable bath bench in your bathtub.  Comes assembled.  Seat is 20" W x 12" D.  Extremely durable and rust-proof.


Bariatric Quad Cane - Super durable large-based cane.  Weighs 4 lbs. which may be a problem for some, according to customer reviews, but will be perfect for most.  Take a look at the Offset Handle Cane as well.  Also a 700 lb. weight capacity.

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Bariatric Transfer Bench - Used for transfering in and out of the bathtub.

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Bariatric Folding Wheelchair - Choose from 26", 28" or 30" seat widths - all with a weight capacity of 700 lbs.   

Up to 850 lbs.

Bariatric Bathseat - Designed to fit the contour of a standard bathtub.  For bathtub use only.  Don't use it in the shower without the floor stand attachment or you'll tip over!


Bariatric Steel Drop Arm Commode - Heavy-duty steel construction.  Includes the pail.  Also comes in 1000 lb. capacity.  See here for 1500 lb. capacity Bedside Commode.

On the Side

Lumbar & Abdominal Support Band - Lifts the belly and supports the spine.

Leg Lift Strap - Helps lift your leg into a wheelchair footrest, bed or car.  Gets mixed reviews, but it looks like it could come in handy.

Bariatric Towels - Pack  of 3.  We call them "big boy towels".  They're specifically designed for our larger customers and they're fabulous!  Soft 11 oz. cotten and terry blend.  Up to 102" in length.

Bariatric Bed Pan - The only one on the market!  Supports up to 1200 lbs..  Unique design prevents spills.  That makes me really happy.

Tranquility XL+ Bariatric Disposable Brief - Comes in a Case of 32.  Fits waist/hip measurements of 64" to 84".  Soft and comfortable.  High capacity.  Controls skin dryness and odor.  Latex free.

Self-Wipe Toilet Aid - Comfortable and easy to use.

Long Handled Toenail Clipper - Clip your toenails with less bending.

Lotion Applicator - No more dry backs with this gadget.

Long-handled Shoehorn - Helps you put your shoes on!

Deluxe Flexible Sock & Stocking Aid - Helps you put your socks on!

Heel Guide Compression Sock Aid - Helps you put your tight socks on!

Raptor Reacher - Extends your reach by 24" and picks up things big and small.

Mechanical Column Scale with Integrated Measuring Rod - I also like the Pro Raised Dial Scale, Capacity 400 lbs. For more weight capacity, try the Portable Bariatric Scale, 750 lb. capacity.  See all Bariatric Scales.

Bariatric Ramps - 800 lb. capacity.  All sizes of lightweight aluminum anti-slip threshold, multif0ld and panel ramps.

Bariatric Over-Bed Table -  Gives you more working or eating room.  18" x 40".  Good looking and extremely sturdy.  Adjustable height.  Supports 500lb static load when evenly distributed.

Bariatric Arm Chair - Many sizes available.  Cool hardwood design. 750 lb. capacity.

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I hope this categorization helps you find what you're looking for.   Otherwise, see All Bariatric Products.  We're adding new "heavy duty" products to the site all the time, so check back or call us at 800-861-3211 to ask a customer care agent to help you with something special.  We'll see if we can find it for you.  Always,