CathWear Medical Underwear


One of the main challenges of being diagnosed with incontinence is adapting to wearing a catheter with a leg bag and leg bag straps. Since conventional apparel and incontinence supplies have different purposes, concealing these products under your clothing is an art. Preventing your catheter equipment from being obvious can influence your movements, activities, and fashion decisions. You may also be concerned about skin or vein damage from having the leg bag straps too tight or too loose, not to mention disconnection problems. Fortunately, CathWear has developed a new solution for an old problem.

How Do You Hide a Catheter Bag?

Maybe the best solution to hiding a catheter bag is not to hide it. Instead, make the storage area an integral part of your clothing, not an afterthought. This reasoning is the premise behind CathWear’s Patented and FDA-registered catheter leg bag medical underwear. With well-designed stealthiness, it holds leg bags and stabilizes catheters like no other catheter accessories can. In addition, this revolutionary undergarment system is compatible with Nephrostomy, Suprapubic, Foley, Biliary, and male external catheters.

How does Cathwear WorkHow does Cathwear Work

How Does CathWear Work?

With CathWear, you don’t need a leg bag holder or a catheter stabilization device. Designed by retired military nurses, these all-in-one undergarments have a self-contained system that includes a four-channel tract for preventing tension of the tubing and a top opening for people with arthritis. Also, CathWear has pouches that can safely accommodate bags up to 600 ml.

What Clothes Should You Wear with CathWear?

CathWear allows men and women to choose any clothing style, including skirts and shorts. Along with being compatible with other catheter supplies, these medical undergarments are as form-fitting and secure as regular underwear. The material is comfortable, breathable, and fast drying. In addition, CathWear comes in sizes from small to 3X large in colors black, white, or nude.

CathWear vs Regular Leg Bag SupportsCathWear vs Regular Leg Bag Supports

What Do Catheter Users Think About CathWear?

According to a recent Facebook survey, CathWear received a five out of 5-star rating among the survey respondents. Many commented that CathWear takes the awkwardness and embarrassment out of wearing leg bags. In addition, some people like the comfortable fabric that keeps their skin dry. Based on this survey, CathWear can potentially improve the lives of many people who wear catheters and catheter leg bags.

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