Whether you're trying to track your cholesterol, reduce your body fat, test your eyesight or monitor your heart rate, AllegroMedical.com has a slew of diagnostic products to help you report your stats.

Have you ever wanted to know how many steps you take everyday? Clip a pedometer on your belt loop! Following a low-carb regimen? Keep your fat metabolism in check with ketone test strips.

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One of the neatest gadgets to come along are the body fat analyzers and body composition scales. You just hold them, or stand on them and they send a harmless beam through you to see how much fat you have going on. Some of them even calculate your water and muscle percentages too.

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Outside of the wide selection of blood pressure monitors and thermometers to help keep you healthy we also have some really neat ways to monitor your heart rate during exercise (or whatever)... I wear one to make sure I'm staying within a good heart rate zone while I'm hiking or doing cardio. It helps tell me whether I'm working too hard, or not hard enough.

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How about an Eye Chart or a Color Blindness Test?

And if you're wondering what else you can possibly monitor, see All Diagnostic Products. Happy shopping!