Holiday cheer can become a holiday nightmare if you are ill-prepared for the needs of your overnight guests. 

For example, activities that we may take for granted - going up and down stairs, using the toilet, showering, getting in and out of bed, opening doors, etc. - can be difficult for older guests.  The addition of a few simple, temporary items placed strategically throughout your home will ensure a safe and comfortable Christmas for everyone. 



  • Non-skid bath mat in the shower or tub, or Bath Safety Treads.


  • Shower Chair or Bath Bench - I recommend one that you can fold and store.  If you get a shower chair you should also consider a Handheld Shower Spray.  And for an added touch, put some inexpensive Long-Handled Scrub Sponges in the shower.


  • Removable Suction Cup Grab Bars on the wall by the tub and toilet.  If you get anything at all for the bathroom, I highly recommend that you get a couple of these.  Instant 'peace-of-mind'. 


  • Toilet Safety Frame - Makes getting up and down on the toilet a whole lot easier and safer.


  • Check the towel bar and soap dish in the shower to make sure they are secure.




  • Removable Bedrail - Put this portable bedrail onto any bed, on either side, and getting in and out of bed is a snap.  If you like that, check out the Bedrail & Car Caddie combo offer.


  • Lamp or flashlight within reach of the bed. How about a stylish all-in-one with a Radio, Flashlight and Nightlight!


  • Pathlighter Safety Cane - A special cane that lights the way on stairways and walkways. Perfect for outings on cold winter nights.


  • Non-Skid Slipper Socks - Terry socks with treads for walking on non-carpeted floors.


  • Smoke Alarms - Make sure you have them, and make sure they work.  Sometimes you just need new batteries.


  • A sturdy chair in the bedroom for dressing.


  • Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with Extra Large Display - A gem for those with hearing or vision problems.


  • A telephone in the bedroom that can be reached from the floor in case of a fall.  How about an Amplified Telephone?




  • Door Knob Extenders - Quickly and inexpensively convert regular door knobs into lever action handles.  Arthritis sufferers will thank you.


  • Auto-Sensing Nightlights - A case of 24 ought to do it...


  • Non-skid backing on rugs - We don't carry it, but it's a good idea to get some.


  • Anti-Slip Adhesive Strips -  Put this tape on on outdoor stairs to prevent slipping. 


  • Water heater thromostat - Set it at 120 degrees F or lower to prevent accidental scalding.


  • EZ Access Threshold Ramps - These are the most popular.  Great for wheelchairs and walker users.  Also for high indoor/outdoor entry-way thresholds.


  • Light your outside steps and walkways.


  • Check your handrails to ensure they are securely fastened.


  • Travel Wheelchair - For events that require extra walking, this super lightweight wheelchair folds up and stores in the trunk or closet.


You see, it really doesn't take much to make your home safe and secure for your elderly or special needs guests.  Order today!

Here's wishing you and all of your guests a very Merry Christmas and a safe, happy holiday.