Managing Urinary Incontinence in the Workplace

There is no doubt that work can be stressful at times, and when you add urinary incontinence into the mix, that stress is multiplied significantly.  Coping with urinary incontinence in the workplace is not desirable, but the fact is that urinary incontinence is much more common than most people realize, affecting millions of people's work performance every day.

Urinary incontinence happens to all sorts of people of any age, although it is more likely to occur to women.  Over a third of women are affected by urinary incontinence in the workplace1 which shows just how common this issue really is.  Thankfully, these days there are treatments and products that make discretion quite possible.  If you or a loved one are experiencing urinary incontinence at work, there are some steps that you can take to reduce embarrassment and discomfort.

The first step should be to have a candid discussion with any manager or supervisor to make sure that they are aware the condition.  Explain to them that the frequent bathroom breaks are in fact necessary and related to a medical condition.  It may help if you have a note from a physician, but most supervisors are likely to be sympathetic.  Although telling someone about incontinence issues can be difficult, in the long run, it will help to keep incontinence from affecting your work performance.

Next, you are going to want to make sure that you have the right incontinence supplies to manage the condition.  You should have multiple pairs of disposable undergarments available, which will protect your clothing and furniture from embarrassing stains and will allow you to clean up after an accident with ease and privacy.  Today's disposable undergarments can be worn under clothing undetectably with no bunching or sounds when you walk or move.

In addition to using disposable undergarments, you may want to have absorbent incontinence underpads on hand.  These are most commonly used under bed sheets, but they can also be used on car seats, in the office, or anywhere else where you need an extra layer of protection.  There are disposable options that can be easily rolled up and discarded, or you can use washable pads as well.

Incontinence issues in the workplace can be difficult and frustrating, but taking these simple steps will help to keep things under control.  Be sure to take frequent trips to the bathroom to keep your bladder empty, and avoid physical exertion whenever possible, as physical stress can cause accidents.

At you can find the quality incontinence products that you require, at prices that you can afford.  For more than 15 years Allegro Medical has been committed to providing their customers with a vast inventory of medical supplies and equipment, including incontinence supplies that will help to keep your workday running smoothly.  Being proactive and taking steps to manage incontinence is the first step.




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