Natural Healing from Aloe Vera

Aloe, or Aloe Vera, comes from the plant by the same name whose inner gel can be used as a topical to sooth minor burns, wounds, psoriasis, and help decrease pain from shingles. Because of its cooling effect, it is recommended to place the gel in the refrigerator first to chill it and then rub onto sunburned skin. Also, due to the high water content of 99%, it works as a great moisturizer to hydrate the skin.1

In addition to the external uses of the plant, internal uses include drinking Aloe juice made from the gel. The juice can contain over 200 active components which include fatty acids, vitamins, and amino acids among others. Aloe can also aid in digestion and help regulate the system.1

Capture has a wide variety of Aloe Vera products ranging from After Sunburn Relief to washcloths and gel capsules. One of the top selling items includes the ConvaTec Aloe Vesta 3 in 1 Cleansing  Foam. The Aloe helps to enrich the foam and aid in cleansing to restore, moisturize, and condition the skin.

Capture 2

Another great item is the Aloe Vesta Bathing Cloths. These work best as a no-rinse bed bathing and will not leave the skin feeling sticky. The natural botanical oils are great moisturizers and restore the skin just like the cleansing foam. This product scores and a 4.5/5 and with 27 almost everyone would recommend it to a friend.

Although doesn't carry Aloe Vera juice, most health food stores do. Whether you are using Aloe internally or externally, the healthy benefits will leave a positive effect.  Rely on Allegro Medical for your skin care and other health and wellness supply needs.

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