Choosing the right skin care product to treat an infected area can be overwhelming. There are topicals, moisturizers, hydrators, and healers.  What does it all mean?

Here is the breakdown to all the madness:

  • A cream is approximately a 50/50 mixture of oil and water
  • A lotion is lighter than a cream and has more water
  • An ointment is about 80% oil and 20% water1

An ointment contains medicine and is highly viscous. This is what allows the product to act like a mucous membrane and prevent moisture loss to the skin. The more oil the ointment contains the greasier and sticker the substance will feel.

Use an ointment for areas of the skin that are going to take a longer time to heal because the skin can’t absorb an ointment as fast as it can a cream.2 carries many ointments to help protect the skin and these are available in as small as a 2.5oz tube to one pound jar.


Aloe Vesta 3-n-1 Protective Ointment


Aloe Vesta 3-n-1 Protective Ointment is among Allegro’s best sellers. Customers love it because it not only moisturizes and soothes the skin but also softens. Aloe Vest helps to improve skin texture and will leave the skin feeling clean. This is a 43% petrolatum based ointment and is non-sensitizing and fragrance free.



Secura Protective Ointment

Secura Protective Ointment is also a great selection. This is a 98% petrolatum ointment and is great for sealing out wetness. Vitamins A, D & E condition the sensitive skin while clove oil helps mask  any odor. This

product is recommended for its high quality, easy flip top tube and the overall lightweight feel of the product.



Remember to talk to your doctor or pharmacists before using a medicated ointment. Also be sure to check out Allegro’s customer reviews to learn what makes it great! for your skin care needs.





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