Low vision doesn't have to put the kibosh on your independence or keep you from doing the things you love.  Imagine how your life might change with vision aids specially designed to talk you through, brighten up, magnify or navigate your way through the day.  This tour through our Shop By Condition: Blindness/Low Vision category offers hundreds of daily living products to make life easier for individuals at any level of vision impairment.

Vision Aids


Deluxe Floorstand Lamp Around the House  - Lamps and bulbs to help you see more of what you need to see more of.  How about a motorized duster so you don't miss a spot when you're dusting!


3M Professional Anti-Glare Filter Around the Office - Computer screen glare filters, large print keyboards, lamps and talking calculators for your office.


Tek Pal - Large Button TV Remote Control Big Button Vision Aids - Universal big button remote controls and large button phones let you push the right buttons. . . you big button pusher you.


Reizen Atomic Talking Sports Watch Talking Vision Aids - Talking clocks, wrist watches, timers, organizers, translaters, calculators, thermometers and blood pressure monitors tell you what is on the screen.  Now, if I could just get my dog to talk.


Blind Folding Cane Canes - Choose from several variations of folding and non-folding canes for the blind and visually impaired.


Pocket Braille Leather Note Book Braille Products - Braille pocket notebooks, labeler, labeling tape, watches, organizer, medication holders and phones.


Playing Card Holders - Clear Plastic for greater visibility - Includes 1 Deck of Cards Leisure Vision Aids - Don't give up on that needlepoint just yet.  Low vision lighting aids and products allow you to keep enjoying your hobbies, reading, crafts and other leisure activities even when your sight is compromised.


Lighted Magnifying Hobby Lamp Magnifiers - Magnifying lamps and hand held magnifiers to help you see maps, phone books, reading material, needlework, craft projects and that darned small print on cans and bottles. 


7-Day Pill Organizer with LCD Alarm Clock Reminder Medication Aids - Reminders, organizers and magnifiers to help you take the right medication at the right time. 


Vision Products by Brand

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20/20 Pen BONUS PRODUCT:  These bold 20/20 Pens are extremely popular and very affordable.  The dark pen contrasts nicely with the paper and won't bleed through.  Pick up a dozen today!

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