Older adults that are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, are ready to start doing activities of pre-pandemic days. The CDC has advised that once you are fully vaccinated you can gather indoors with other fully vaccinated people without wearing a mask or staying 6 feet apart. You don't have to live in an assisted living facility or retirement community to start or join a Senior Group Exercise Class. If your friends have been fully vaccinated try something different than joining a large exercise class. Create your own Micro Senior Group Exercise Class with 3-5 group members. You can take turns hosting the Micro Group Exercise Class and turn it into a social engagement that focuses on health and wellness.

How to Get Started

Reach out to your fully vaccinated friends or neighbors and ask them if they'd like to participate in joining an exclusive Micro Senior Group Exercise Class a few days a week. Let them know that it will combine 30min-1hr of senior appropriate fitness depending on your goals followed by lunch or a fun activity like Bridge, Rummy, or Bingo. The classes can alternate between different host/hostess properties. Make the class Co-Ed for a fun partnering activity.

Exercise Equipment Needed

Once you have your group established have everyone invest in a small amount of portable equipment to be used during each session. If you are on a tight budget you can invest in the equipment as a group and do a "Circuit Style" class where each person uses a different piece of equipment at a time. Some sample equipment recommended includes the following products:
  • Stability Exercise Ball: These balls are great for stretching and working your core to help to improve your balance and stability. Refrain from using a stability ball if you feel unsteady.
  • Resistance Bands: These bands are extremely portable and easy to use. They offer a great alternative to using machines for strength building and flexibility improvement. They start with a level 1 resistance and you can work up the different levels as your strength improves.

Love Handles Rx, Portable Upper Body Exerciser To Use With Chair Or Wheelchair, 1 Pair Model 905 569652 00

  • Portable Upper Body Exerciser: Bring your folding chair to your group exercise class and attach a pedal exerciser for upper-body, low-impact cardiovascular workout from a seated position. You can even attach these to a wheelchair!
  • Portable Elliptical Device: The Cubii Jr. Portable Elliptical is compact and for all ages and abilities to get fit while you sit™. Helpful for improving your range of motion, strength, mobility, stiffness, and circulation Choose between 8 levels of resistance to find the right intensity level for you. Burn up to 150 calories an hour while you sit and join live, free workout classes lead by expert fitness trainers. Combine the Love Handles Rx with the Cubii Jr. for a complete body workout while remaining seated.

Muscle Recovery Recommendations

After your exercise class, apply flexible cold packs to sore muscles and joints to reduce inflammation and provide soothing comfort. If you feel you need long-lasting relief invest in a reputable CBD pain-relieving cream. CBD creams can give rapid and long-lasting relief from joint and muscle pain.