Toilet Bidets – A Clean Way To Use The Restroom

Originally popular in Europe and Asia, Bidets have been making a splash here in the United States over the past decade. With more and more people traveling and moving, people are bringing their customs and familiar traditions with them to their new residence. Originally invented in France, the bidet was used to wash ones feet 1. Since then it has evolved into much more, giving users a clean hygienic alternative to using toilet paper.

People use bidets because they are conservative with toilet paper or it’s in their culture to use it. For disabled persons, a bidet is a fantastic way to clean your genitalia and buttocks without strenuous reaching. This is gaining popularity with senior citizens, the disabled, and those with impaired motor functions who are unable to control bodily functions 2. They are now able to use the washroom alone again.  The bidet will take all of the uncomfortable washing away by utilizing a spray nozzle from your washroom water source or having a fixed attachment on the toilet. This device isn’t just for the needy, but for people who want to remain healthy and feel truly clean as well 3.

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Bidets come in different styles. The first is an EZ attachment that hooks directly onto your toilet utilizing thesame seat and water supply. These usually only require access to your cold waterline and use a battery for its electric functionality. This style is perfect for older homes with little to no access to the plumbing and electric. These are designed for the average home owner to install themselves saving on hiring a plumber. Features include a single burst of natural water, timer on how long of a burst, and water pressure control.

The other style is the all in one seat bidet. These have the function to use both the hot and cold water supplies giving you a pleasant washroom experience. They have different spray patterns, pressure, temperature, and timers.All of these great functions are attached to the toilet seat out of the box and require little to no set up. Staying hygienic and clean is the point of bidets. In addition to these features, a bidet cleans itself and does not require the work from you.

Bidets have evolved over time and there are more permanent toilet fixtures but they can be costly to install and purchase. Allegro Medical has all of your affordable bidets to assist you with your washroom needs.