I think I finally have my computing area set up so I can avoid the worst of the computer-related injuries even though I spend most of my life in front of a computer.  It's all about the right chair, the perfect desk height, a curvy ergonomic keboard, a cushy wrist rest, etc. 

Here are a few of my favorite ergonomic computing products that will help you ease (or avoid) carpal tunnel pain, neck stiffness, lower back pain, fibromyalgia, eye strain and more.


1.  Wrist Cushion for Mouse - Anything with ergoBeads in it is good (just like anything with cream cheese in it is good).  Another one I like is the Non-Skid Mouse Pad because its..um... non-skid and it has ergo beads.  Either way, your wrist is completely supported - cool and comfortable all day.  If you need a smaller mouse cushion, check out our snazzy, colorful Le Petit Cushion - ooh la la.


2.   Non-Skid Wrist Cushion for Keyboard - Conforms to any keyboard and raises your wrists to the proper height to unblock your carpal tunnel.  Bonus: ergoBeads give you an all-day massage at no extra charge.


3.  Large Print Keyboard - Having problems seeing your keyboard?  Here's your solution.  It is rated 20/300 on the Snellen Visual Acuity Scale with most others rated at only 20/70.  Whatever that means, I'll bet you'll see better with this one.  There's also a Wireless Large Print Keyboard.


4.  Smart Glove -  Reversible to fit both left and right hands, this patented wrist wrap helps prevent and relieve wrist pain.  It was developed by an orthopedic hand surgeon for his patients.  Handy!  It's flexible, moldable and breathable. I also like this inexpensive lightweight Computer Glove with ergoBeads.  It's great for gaming or any kind of repetitive motion that can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

4.  Ergo FootRests - Choose from two heights (go shorter if you're shorter -  5'4" or under).  Once you try it you'll never go back to flat feet on the floor.  Fast relief for you lower back and thigh muscles. 


5.  Roho LTV All Purpose Seat Cushion - There will be no more sore butt with this customizable cushion.  Use it in the office, the car, on the tractor, in the bleachers or anywhere you cop a squat.  If you've never had a Roho, you're in for a treat.  Weighs 1 pound.


6.    FitBALL Chair - Combines a 55 cm FitBALL with a rolling base.  Strengthen your core and improve your posture while working at your desk!  Neato.  I use mine while jamming on Guitar Hero.  The height and back rest are adjustable and it includes an air pump.  See All FitBall Products.


7.  3M Professional Anti-Glare Monitor Filter - Reduces glare by 95% and blocks 99.9% of radiation.  Comes in three sizes.  No more squinting.


8.  Monitor Stand - Monitor a pain in the neck?  Maybe you need to raise it up a few inches.  It should be at eye level.  Is it?


9.   Table Top Lamp - Daver can't shut up about this lamp.  He's in my office right now and I'm saying "shut up about that lamp!" but he won't.  He loves it that much.  If our Director of Product Management, Daver Williams loves something that much, you can be sure you should own it.  He says the light is PERFECT for working in the office in daylight.  Whatever, Daver.  Let's all buy one and see if he's right. 'k?


10.    Electric Foot Warmer Mat - I mean, c'mon, who doesn't like to have warm tootsies while you're working?  It's got to be more healthy than having cold, wet feet.  The warming mat fits snuggly under your desk.  Waterproof.

 Pick up one of each and you'll be covered.

Thanks for your business.  We wouldn't mind a bit if you would refer us to your friends.