Being disabled in today’s society hasn't been easier with a transfer aid. There are countless options for transferring a loved one or yourself in those hard to get at places. Transfer aids are used for many different activities such as getting into a car, using the restroom, taking a bath, and moving into a chair. If a person is able to bear some of their own weight for a short amount of time, there are various products to assist in transferring between two locations 1. Transfer boards are meant to bear the full weight of the person and are designed to be smooth for easy motion 2. As with any medical equipment, careful professional assessment to the individual situation is recommended to ensure that the most proper choice is made.

The first types of transfer aids are wooden boards which are commonly used to move oneself to boardand from a wheelchair to another chair or bed. These wooden boards are the most common because they come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. Typically made of multiply wood, these boards have been fabricated with smooth surface to provide a quick and effortless transfer. Each of the ends have a tapered effect so you can slide the boards under oneself with ease and the slim ends ensure a comfortable movement on and off the board. offers these types of transfer boards from trusted brands such as Drive Medical, Mabis, Invacare, Beasy Boards, Sammons Preston and more!

“This product works great transferring my quadriplegic husband from bed to wheelchair. It certainly saves some stress on my back.” Anon from Harrisburg, PA


The next type of transfer boards are the modified glide transfer boards. These boards serve the same function as the wooden boards but have some new technology built in. The board has a glide system that makes the movement effortless by moving along the friction less surface. These boards have been designed so that no lifting is required which reduces the physical strain on the patient and caregiver. These modified transfer boards also come in different shapes to remedy those hard transfer situations. A benefit of having the curved board is when one is transferring from a wheelchair because the arm is not removable and the wheel can be an obstacle.


The last type of short distance transfer aids are the custom transfer aids. These custom products are generally seen in the restroom and used for moving into the shower or toilet. With adjustable legs you can match it to your restroom needs by raising or lowering its height to meet your tub, chair, and toilet. These aids are self standing and more of a semi-permanent fixture since one will need it every visit to the restroom. Having a built in back makes using the shower easy as well. No need to struggle in the restroom anymore! There are hybrids of these which feature the rotating glide as seen earlier along with the smooth surface for effortless transferring.

Since 1997 Allegro Medical has been a leading supplier of mobility transfer aids and medical equipment to healthcare providers and consumers.  If you are having troubles with your mobility rely on for all of your mobility and transferring needs.