You may be a perfect candidate for the Allegro Experts Network!  Every day I’m contacted by local or national news sources looking for potential candidates for phone interviews. Writers and reporters are always looking for people to answer questions or discuss their various situations, conditions, illnesses, parenting issues, health care expertise, use of products, etc. for magazine articles, newspapers and television.

Would you be willing to tell your story or share your experience to a member of the press? When these opportunities arise I’d love to be able to contact you.

Your privacy is our primary concern so rest assured that I would always get in touch with you first (and only you) to describe the opportunity and see if you want to talk to the media source. Even then it is your decision whether to share your name or remain anonymous in print. Plus, we only work with reputable news companies, magazines, journals and newspapers.

If you’d like to join my Allegro Experts Network, please let me know. 

Email me today at vpaxton [at] AllegroMedical (dot) com with the following information:



Phone number(s):

Email address:



Condition or Expertise: Examples: Diabetic, Wheelchair user, Caretaker of an elderly parent/sibling/sick child, Pregnant/New mom, Fitness guru, Overweight, Healthcare worker, Plantar Fasciitis, MS, Back pain, Underweight, Carpal Tunnel, Ostomy, ED, Headaches, Catheter user, Asthma, Allergies, Hearing impaired, Low vision, Skin condition, etc.). Anything! You get the idea.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your help.

And, as always, a heartfelt Thank You to all of our Allegro customers. We appreciate your business.