Summer time is here to stay with record breaking temperatures and what better way to cool off than jumping in a pool. Being in the water has more benefits than just cooling down and having fun. People from all around the world use water as a form of exercise and therapy. People with muscle and joint pain often find exercising unpleasant and turn to water therapy as a relief. The largest benefit of doing water therapy and exercises is that when you’re submerged in deep water, you unload 90% of your body weight through water buoyancy1. By decreasing the amount of joint stress it is easier and less painful to perform exercises. People with a weight problem often find working out in water pleasant as the water environment soothes and supports their muscles and joints while staying cool.

Water therapy covers a broad set of techniques including aquatic exercise, physical therapy, bodywork, and body movement based therapy in water. There are products that assist in these exercises such as resistance based weights and noodles. These resistance items allow for muscle strengthening without the need of actual weights. Using these products in conjunction with waters buoyancy allows a person to strengthen and repair the body without joint stress that can’t be experienced on land 2.

AquaJogger Active Starter Kit


This active starter kit is a complete system for a total body resistance workout. While breathing naturally above water, a person can move freely underwater and perform a multitude of workouts. This kit comes with resistance dumbbells, cuffs, and a belt to assist with ones aerobic therapy.



SEAL-TIGHT Sport Cast and Bandage Protector

These body wraps are great if you need to do water exercises but are suffering with a cast or open wound. Seal-Tight Sport is a safe, economical protector for casts and bandages during recreational water activities or daily showering and bathing. With regular care, these last for three to four weeks of daily usage.




AquaJogger Sqoodle Water Noodle

Standard water noodles are hard to use due to their round shape as they're hard to keep under oneself. This noodle is square so it offers a no roll design to sit, kneel, stand or float on it. This item has more buoyancy for more support and more resistance than other regular noodles due to the high density EVA foam.


“I love this noodle. Not only can I use it during aquatic therapy, but I can also use it for balance and stabilization exercises. It's a fraction of the cost of a foam balance beam, and more comfortable to lie on than foam rollers.” by DPT from Augusta, GA

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