People with medical heat intolerance conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS) can feel their symptoms become worse when their body temperature increases. Many people can feel much worse by just a half degree difference in temperature! MS research has proven that heat and humidity often aggravate common MS symptoms 1. This is where body cooling systems give relief to people experiencing MS symptoms. Now there is no reason to be stuck inside on a warm summer afternoon as these cooling systems gives freedom back to those who enjoy the outdoors.

The body cooling systems are not just for people with medical conditions but have been used by many different people. Cooling the body can be beneficial for emergency response workers, military personnel, athletes, industrial workers, or people with outdoor jobs 2. The nice thing about cooling products is that they’re discreet and provide relief for hours. There are many different options giving people the ability to stay active while cooling.

Kool Max Zipper Front Cooling Vest

vestThe most common cooling product is a full size vest that contains insulated pockets which hold small cool worn over your regular clothing and provide a temporary cooling relief which can last up to a few hours. These vests have many different cool pack locations so the individual can place the packs where they’re most needed. The cooling packs cool up to 3-4 hours in any climate and are thin so they don’t protrude your clothing. These are believed to be the most cost effective cooling items however they require access to a freezer.packs. The vests are typically 

One of the worst things about having MS is feeling like a prisoner to the AC in the summertime. I am very active bike riding, gardening etc and it's all thanks to this vest! Heck I'm even doing housework in it. Love love love it! - Becky S


Cooling Baseball Cap with Evaporative Insert


This fashionable hat works great for work or any activity. You can even retrofit the cool pack to your own hat! Evaporate cooling is another effective way to cool during the warm weather but are ideal for low humidity days and dry climates. Garments are designed to be briefly soaked in water causing a natural cooling effect as it evaporates.  These are lightweight and contain cooling beads that will cool for hours. As long as there is a cold source of water nearby, this will keep one cool all day long. This works by that the temperature of dry air can be dropped significantly through the phase change of liquid water to water vapor (evaporation). You will see similar effects of misters out on patios in southern states.

Cool Kids Cooling Vest – Cool 58 packs

Cool 58 Kid Vest

Cooling products are not just for adults but even for kids! The phase change technology in the Cool 58 packs are great for long term cooling when you’re not near a freezer. These cooling packs freeze at a moderate temperature of 58 degrees and cool at this constant temperature. They can be activated in ice water or the refrigerator and cool up to 2-3 hours in any climate. They use less cooling energy than the traditional cool packs due to the gel composition and freeze point. Keep a container of ice water with you on your travels and be cool and dry for hours on end.




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