Are you struggling with insomnia?

Two powerful weapons in the fight against insomnia are a comfortable sleep environment and a relaxing bedtime routine. Both can make a big difference in improving the quality of your sleep.  Allegro Medical recommends the following products to help you fight your sleep deprivation.

WholeMade Hemp Infused Bath Salts

Start your bedtime routine with a relaxing bath with WholeMade Hemp Infused Bath Salts. Sleep-Aid is a blend of lavender, chamomile, and lemon to help induce a calm state of mind and aid in deep relaxation.  Salt infused baths have been used for hundreds of years to help soothe and relax the body. This blend of Pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, and full spectrum hemp extract is the perfect mixture to help soothe the body and clear the mind.

SOi Candles - Aromatherapy Natural Soy Candle

Enhance your bath experience with the scent of Lavender Fields formulated to relax the senses. SOi Candles create a serene environment with a fragrance that smells great, is soot-free, and the warm oil can be used as a skin moisturizer.


Melatonin helps our body know when it's time to go to sleep and when it's time to wake up. The body naturally releases melatonin in response to changes in light, and using this product makes melatonin levels rise at night. It is used to treat those who have difficulty falling asleep and/or staying asleep.

Better Sleep Pillow

Memory foam pillow with Arm Under Spacing for a comfortable and better sleep. Stomach and side sleeper pillow that allows comfortable positioning without putting your arm too sleep and head/neck out of whack. People who snore no longer need to be embarrassed because the unique positioning of the Better Sleep Pillow provides proper positioning that reduces and often eliminates snoring.

Sound Oasis BST-100 Bluetooth Sound Therapy System

The Sound Oasis BST-100 is ideal for insomnia due to noise. By night, the BST-100 is a sound machine to help you sleep better. By day, it’s a Bluetooth® speaker that streams music from your cell phone! The BST-100 built-in micro SD card is preloaded with 10 sounds: brown noise, gentle surf, heartbeat, ocean surf, rocky mountain stream, steady rain, summer night, thunder and rain, white noise, and woodland.

Lab+Blends™ 540 MG CBD Dream Drops Sleep Aid

Lab+Blends uses the latest discovery in drug-free sleep support. This revolutionary combination of three proven sleep aids helps give deep, restful sleep. High levels of CBD combined with Melatonin and Vitamin B6, allow for active, non-habit-forming sleep support. An innovative water-based delivery system maximizes absorption allowing you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Help manage sleep problems and say good-bye to aches, pains, and sleepless nights.

IMAK® Eye Pillow™

Designed by an Orthopedic Surgeon, the IMAK® Eye Pillow™ with massaging ergoBeads conforms to your face and eyes, blocking out light. The breathable cotton material is comfortable to wear, and the smooth ergoBeads inside create a gentle massaging effect around your eyes. Place the eye pillow over your eyes, relax, and enjoy the relief.

Lotus Touch Essential Oil Blends

Essential oils can provide relief for disrupted sleep and improve sleep quality in adults. Lotus Touch Essential Relaxation Blend is a woodsy, sweet, and fresh aroma to encourage a state of deep relaxation. It helps promote calmness and uplifts the soul. It includes sedative Petitgrain and calming Tangerine essential oils. Use in your diffuser or mix with an unscented lotion.