Guide to Urinary Catheters & Urological Supplies

Urinary catheters are used on patients that cannot urinate on their own for medical conditions such as prostate enlargement and incontinence, after certain surgeries, when the lower part of the body is paralyzed, or if the patient is unable to use a bedpan. Catheters come in various sizes, types and materials, and can be for short or long term (indwelling) use.

With long term catheterization it is important, to avoid urinary tract infections, to keep the catheter clean and bacteria-free. An indwelling catheter should be replaced every three to six weeks with a new catheter. Indwelling catheters require a bag to collect the urine. Leg bags are discreetly strapped to the patient’s leg for daytime use, and are easy to empty. For nighttime use, a urine drainage bag is usually hung on the patient’s bed and emptied in the morning.

Intermittent catheterization is sometimes necessary after certain gynecological surgeries, or for conditions that require assistance emptying the bladder. Self-catheterization can be taught to most patients, for an as-needed solution to empty the bladder at least four times per day. The area is cleaned, then lubricant may be added to ease insertion. One end of the catheter is placed in a container, and the other is inserted into the urethra until urine flow begins. Once the flow stops the intermittent catheter is removed and cleaned for the next time, or simply thrown away. Training is required for self catheterization, so talk to your healthcare professional for assistance.

An external or condom catheter, which fits on the outside of the penis using adhesive, can be used for short-term catheterization in males.

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We have everything you need for self catheterization with an intermittent catheter. Choose straight tip, hydrophilic, latex, coude tip, or whatever your preference. Purchase singly or by the case.

For latex allergies, use latex-free catheters. There are many sizes and styles available. Or, choose a hydrophilic catheter which automatically lubricates with water. The Robinson catheter is a straight catheter with two to six holes to facilitate drainage. Comes in stiff vinyl for easier insertion, red latex for increased radiopacity (difficult to penetrate with radiation and x-ray) or plastic. Some have guides built in to make self-catheterization easier. A self-catheterization kit includes everything you need for self-catheterization – a catheter, sterile gloves, drape and swabs.

The Foley catheter, for longer term catheterization, is available in a variety of materials including latex and silicone, with elastomers coating, hydrophilic coating, and silver coating for anti-microbial action. Foley catheters come in coude, (bent tip for easier passage through an enlarged prostate), two way or three way for use after bladder or prostate surgery. They are also sold singly or by the case - a great value from Allegro.

External male catheters reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, and are easy for patients to use. Available in latex or latex free, in several sizes for a perfect fit.

Catheter insertion trays include everything you need to insert a catheter, in one convenient package. Trays come with or without the catheter. Purchase per tray or by the case for best value. Stock up on lubricating jelly in tubes or single use packs. We also have irrigation supplies including syringes, solutions and kits.

Urological Accessories and Miscellaneous Supplies

Allegro has urological accessories for your patients for less. Hold catheters in place comfortably with a velcro closure legband, made of surgical stretch material, so it’s gentle on the skin. Or, choose hypoallergenic tape with hook and loop fasteners or adhesive foam strips to keep tubing secure, for maximum comfort. We also carry straps for leg bags.

Replacement or extension tubing for catheters can make all the difference in comfort for patients and caregivers.

Get all your catheter cleaning supplies from Allegro Medical. Includes the parts cleaning brush, cleaning solutions and odor neutralizers. Also, for catheterization prep, get your antiseptic towelettes and iodine prep pads here, for less.

Urine Collection

A drip collector for men who are post prostate surgery is more discreet and comfortable than undergarments, and is perfect for minor incontinence.
Bedside urinals for men and women are convenient for post-surgery and bedridden patients. Available in hard plastic reusable or disposable bottles. For catheterized patients, get bedside drainage bottles and bags with 2000cc capacity from all the top brands at great prices, right here at Allegro.
Leg bags come in all shapes and sizes, and it is a matter of preference as to which one is best for you. Disposable or reusable, Velcro or button closure, plastic or cloth straps – all are available and sold alone or by the case. The Electric Leg Bag Emptier makes it possible for those in wheelchairs to empty their own drainage bags.