Allegro Medical gives you more ways to pay and save. Rising costs are everywhere from gasoline to groceries. Budgets are getting stretched and Allegro Medical wants to help. Let us help you save money and make it as easy as possible to process web orders in a simple and convenient way. How? With the introduction of Google Checkout as a payment option at

Allegro customers are among the best and brightest on the web so many of you reading this are asking yourselves how a payment method will save you money. Good question. It all starts with the crack team of buyers on staff at Allegro Medical working with our suppliers to negotiate the best deals possible. We've been working with many of these suppliers for over 10 years so our longevity and volume help us keep our every day prices low. When standard negotiations with our manufacturer representatives don't work, we simply go over their heads and get a better deal from their bosses. It is a vicious process, but in the end you will have access to the best products with smoking hot everyday low prices. Oh, and don't forget to check the homepage on a regular basis to see the extra special deals we are able to come up with that are only available for limited time periods.

We will continue to do our part by constantly asking our suppliers for better deals which means better prices for you. It's what we like to do and we do it well. But wait, there's more - for a limited time you can save an additional $5 off orders for $50 or more when using Google Checkout. That's more real savings to keep more money in your pocket where it belongs! To take advantage of the offer you will simply need to use "google5" in the promotion code space when entering the order and then selecting Google Checkout for payment.

You may be saying "whoa, that sounds difficult" or "hmmm, sounds suspicious". But don't worry, it is easy, safe, and secure and won't cost you a penny to sign up. Google Checkout is an awesome way to transact business because it allows you, the customer, to use a single login to checkout with all merchants that offer Google Checkout. No need to give your credit card information out to every business you want to buy from on the web. Let Google keep your information safe and secure.

Using Google Checkout is really easy. You just set up an account the first time you use it, but keep in mind you will be able to use this payment option with Allegro Medical and literally thousands of other merchants. Ordering is as easy as these simple steps:

1. Shop and add items to your cart.
1. At the point of checkout there will be the options to "Checkout using Google Checkout" or "Checkout using Allegro's secure server"
1. If you are going to use Google Checkout and want to take advantage of the $5 off $50 opportunity you will need to add the promotion code "google5" to the order.
1. Select "Checkout using Google Checkout"
1. When Google Checkout is selected the shopping cart including product costs, shipping costs, and any applicable sales tax is transmitted to Google.
1. Login to your Google account or create a new one if needed.
1. Select credit card to use and submit payment
1. The order is then processed and shipped by Allegro Medical

That's it. I told you it would be easy. Give it a try today and save!

If you go with the Google Checkout option, we highly recommend you allow Allegro Medical to email you directly so we can keep in touch about your order and provide important service information after delivery.