TEMPE, Ariz. - March 20, 2007 - Allegro Medical, the premier online store for medical equipment and supplies, today announced "Shop by Condition", a navigational tool designed to help customers find products for a particular ailment. From the Allegro Medical home page, visitors can elect to Shop by Condition and view a list of 37 common medical situations, disabilities and diseases linked to thousands of condition-specific products to browse and buy.

"Until now, it hasn't been so easy to identify products that might alleviate, say, back pain, or stress, or even snoring, for example," says Craig Hood, Allegro's President and Founder. "But by shopping by condition, visitors can quickly find a variety of products identified by the manufacturer or supplier as appropriate for these conditions. It's an easy and discrete way to shop."

Since making their online debut nearly 10 years ago as the first broad spectrum medical equipment and supply e-commerce Company on the Internet, AllegroMedical.com has increased its product line to 30,000+. How do customers find what they're looking for? According to Hood, "Shop by Condition is just one of four navigation tools on the site. Visitors can also Shop by Category, Sub-category, Brand and search box. With such a massive product catalog, developing a more targeted approach to finding products was the logical next step in the development of the site."

Examples of products in Conditions:

  • Allergies - air purifiers, humidifiers, ionizers, allergy-free pillows & pillow cases, saline, flow meters
  • Bed Wetting - alarms and water-proof bedding
  • Blind/Low Vision - big button products, talking appliances, Braille items, magnifiers

  • Cold/Flu - light therapy, thermometers, monitors, pain relievers, sanitizing gel, Echinacea, vitamins
  • Hearing Impairment - assistive listening devices, amplifiers, signalers, headsets
  • Weight Loss Help - exercise equipment, nutritional supplements, heart rate monitors, fitness videos, Yoga, Pilates
  • While visitors can browse solutions for common medical problems, Shop by Condition also caters to those with longer-term conditions. For example, parents and pregnant women will benefit from a visit to Pregnant/Newborn. Diabetics will surely find something they need in Diabetes, and caregivers and health care professionals can easily shop on behalf of their patients by searching for specific illnesses such as Alzheimer's, Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Sclerosis.

    The Company plans to add more Conditions. In deciding what to launch first, Allegro chose some of the most common medical ailments, drawing from historical data of close to 1 million customers. To make
    shopping even easier, when visitors click on a particular Condition in the drop-down window, the products display with the "most popular" first and can also be sorted by price or product name.