Strength, Muscle and Range of Motion Testing
Measure range of motion, posture, physical angles and curvature accurately with a goniometer or inclinometer from Allegro. To test strength, and for rehab evaluation see our manual muscle testers, hand squeeze dynamometers, pinch gauges and other muscle strength electronics from only the highest quality brands.

Diagnostic Tools and Measuring Devices
Test and track your body fat anytime, in the privacy of your own home with a body fat analyzer. Or, track your fitness goals with a pedometer. You will always know your heart rate when exercising, and can track distance, pace and calories burned- better than any personal trainer.

Allegro has dozens of scales for home or office, including mechanical and digital bathroom-style, physicians' scales, scales for weighing babies, and high capacity and wheelchair scales, all at the best prices anywhere.

Get fast and accurate measurement of edema for arms, legs, feet or hands with a volumeter.

Physicians, assess patients' hearing and vibratory sensation with a set of tuning forks. Doctors (and Dr. Moms), detect ear infections or eardrum abnormalities with an otoscope.

Assessment Tools
Test children of all ages for development and proficiency. Our motor proficiency tests use balance, coordination, strength, motor control, and more in fun, challenging, game-like tasks. Tests gross and fine motor development. Or, test dexterity, cognition, perception and manipulative ability for developing or injured patients with our assessment tests.
Assess functional performance of psychiatric, brain-injured, geriatric, or developmentally disabled patients with the BaFPE (Bay Area Functional Performance Evaluation) test.

Allegro has reference books for physicians, such as a Stedman's Concise Medical Dictionary, Quick Reference to Occupational Therapy and more.

We have a wide array of timers and stopwatches for the countertop or the wrist. Time anything, anywhere, anytime...on time!

Allegro has eye charts for vision testing from a variety of distances, and for all ages and levels of patients. Test your eyesight and track your vision at home, anytime.

Looking for medical models? Life-size anatomical columns of the skeleton, including foot, leg, spine and shoulder are perfect for your office. Use our anatomical charts for teaching and informing patients or students the human muscular system, knee and more. Color charts show skeletal, ligament and muscle anatomy with anterior and posterior views.

Vital Signs Equipment
Allegro has everything you need to check vital signs. Check temperature in the ear, quickly and accurately, or the old-fashioned way, orally with our selection of thermometers and thermometer supplies. Medical pros, find your new stethoscope here, at a great price. While you're at it, you may as well stock up on tongue depressors and pen lights for the office.

Watching your blood pressure? We have blood pressure monitors perfect for home or professional use, including fully automatic monitors with digital readout and memory of the previous reading, and manual or automatic inflate.

Check pulse during exercise or anytime with an oximeter. Heart rate is read with finger pulse or chest strap with wrist monitor for fitness testing. With the latest in oximeter technology you can record up to ten hours of information for later analysis, or download the information directly to your computer!

If you are watching or lowering your cholesterol, check it on a regular basis at home, quickly and easily with a cholesterol home test kit. It is even FDA approved!