It has been 30 years since I wore a cast but I still remember that itch!  It was like having chicken pox and mosquito bites at the same time - just out of reach.  A coat hanger was my best friend.  I couldn't have been more pathetic, spending the summer on the sidelines instead of in the pool or at the lake.  And I would have given anything to make my cast look pretty or even remotely cool.  Today there are products to turn these major problems into minor inconveniences for anyone, at any age with a cast or sling. 

5 Best Cast Products to Stay Clean, Cool and Comfortable


Cast Comfort 6 oz sprayCast Comfort Spray - This spray is used under the cast to stop the unbearable itching and smelly cast odor.  Safe, effective and easy to use.  Replaces the coat hanger as a cast wearer's best friend.


Black Tie - Arm Cast Covers Fashion Arm Cast Covers - Choose from a wide selection of stylish couture cast covers to accessorize your cast at any event from a picnic to black tie.  Show your moxie with lace or sequins, or dress down to suite your mood, outfit or occasion.  Go ahead, get more than one.  Choose long (wrist to upper arm) or short (wrist to elbow) lengths. 


Pretty in Pink - Arm Sling w/FREE Matching Long Cast Cover Fashion Arm Slings w/Free Cast Covers - Can you say sling bling?  Make a statement or go understated with these amazing arm slings.  Get a FREE Matching Cast Cover (Long) with each purchase.

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Dry Pro Waterproof Cast ProtectorWaterproof Cast Protectors - Don't let a silly cast keep you down.  Join the fun and come clean! Swim, bathe, shower, hot tub or take a dip in the lake with your cast on.


Darco Body Armour Cast Shoe Cast Shoes - Choose from old school or modern styles.  These cast shoes and cast boots will take the wear and tear out of your cast and may get you out from under those crutches.  Talk to your doc!


See?  You can look nice, smell nice AND play nice in your cast.  Do you have a friend or family member with a broken arm or leg?  Do them a big favor and get them the right cast accessories!  They'll love you forever.  And if you need crutches, we have those too.

Big love to all of our Allegro customers.