If swimming laps isn't your idea of a great time, there are plenty of other ways to cool off, give your joints a break and get a fantastic workout with a splash of fun.  Water workouts can make a world of difference in your physical rehab or fitness program no matter what kind of shape you're in.  The water's weight and viscosity provides impact-free resistance and remarkably fast results. 

The following water workouts include interval training, which will do at least as much as your land exercise program.  You'll burn calories, increase endurance, tone muscle, improve balance, gain agility and strengthen your core.  Let the pool be your liquid gym!  Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen.

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5 Water Workouts for Fast Results

ProStretch - UnilateralFirst things First - Stretch.  Your calves may tighten up while doing water aerobics or running in the water.  Start out well-stretched with this ProStretch Unilateral Stretching System. 

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Wave Web Pro Exercise for Cardio Resistance.  Get a cardio blast while toning your upper-body muscles.  Wear webbed gloves or use hand buoys/fitness barbells to do resistance exercises such as biceps curls and lateral raises while jogging backward in water that's waist- to midchest-deep. Do 2 sets of 12-15 reps, jogging for 10-15 seconds between reps. Practice the strength moves and backward running separately before combining them.

ExerSandalsExerSandals- Hey water jogger, what will you be wearing on your feet?  Designed to be worn to, from and in the pool or lake, these comfortable ExerSandals add flotation and resistance to deep and shallow water routines, plus they protect your feet from pool bottoms and avoid the gunk in the lake.

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Do Wall Bounders for Power, Agility and Cardio.  Stand 5 feet from the pool wall and run toward it.  When you get there, quickly kick up both feet and push off the wall so you move backward, fighting the currents you created as you ran. Do 5 repetitions, then turn around and run in a zigzag pattern toward the opposite wall of the pool. When you reach it, do another 5 wall bounders. Repeat entire sequence as many times as you can in 30 minutes.

For more intensity, add 2 lengths of straight-ahead running at the end of each sequence of 10 wall bounders/zigzag runs.

Inflatable Exercise BallExercise to Strengthen your Core using a Stability Ball.  Let some air out of a small (30-centimeter, 12") stability ball and while jogging backward, submerge the ball deep in front of you, then release it. Watch the ball pop up, and quickly catch it in the air.

Exercise to tones your arms.  Stand with your feet apart, arms extended straight in front of you holding a ball.  Breathing rhythmically, push the ball under the water, swinging it into a figure-eight pattern through the water. Move as smoothly as you can, so you don't strain your shoulders or back.  Try to maintain your balance.  Repeat 10 times. (Note: If you are recovering from an injury, do not do this without the supervision of a therapist.)

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AquaJogger Classic Belt - Unisex Water Jog to Burn Calories and Build Muscles.  Run in water that's waist- to midchest-deep, slicing your hands through the water as if you're running on land (but avoid making a swimming motion with your arms). For a serious challenge, run for 2 minutes at a moderate intensity, rest for 30 seconds (or do an easy jog to stay warm), then repeat for 5 times total. Next, run for 1 minute at a high intensity, rest for 30 seconds and repeat for 8 times total. Finally, repeat the 2-minute moderate-intensity intervals and 30-second rest periods 5 more times. Wear cross trainers (dark-soled running shoes will scuff up the pool) or water shoes.

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