Does your internal thermostat feel like it is stuck on high?  That's not cool!  Cool down and freshen up with these products designed to keep the heat from getting the best of you. 


ReadyBath Premium Bathing Cloths - Get fresh in record time with these pre-moistened, no-rinse, single use, pH balanced washcoths.  They contain an antibacterial formula that helps kill germs and eliminate odors.   Generally used for bedridden patients, these wipe 'n go cloths are great for anyone who needs a quick 'bath' between showers.   Also, check out the Prevail Premium Pop-up Cloths.

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Neat Feat Cool Foot Spray - Immediate comfort for hot, tired feet.  Treat your tootsies to a nice antiperspirant and deodorant to keep them cool and odor free all day.  Environmentally friendly pump spray.

Want Healthy, Happy, Beautiful Feet?  Look Here.


 Cooling Pillows - Hot nights?  Get relief from night sweats and hot necks with cooling sensation Chillow pillows.  I sleep with one between my knees and one under my neck.  Talk about a great night's sleep!  Highly recommended, these are among our most popular products.  We even have them for pets.   See our full line of Chillow Pillows.


Freeze your mouse cushion!  One of the fastest ways to cool your body is to ice down your pulse points.   This way, you cool down while ergonomically supporting your wrist and forearm at the computer.  Brilliant!  See all Mouse Cushions and Pads


Cast Cooler and Cast Comfort - Wrap the Cast Cooler around your breathable orthopedic cast once a day, connect a vaccum for 10 minutes and the moisture is removed, leaving you cool, dry and itch free.  Cast Comfort is a spray that is used under the cast, for immediate cooling and itch relief.  And don't forget the cast protectors so you can cool off in the pool!


Speaking of cooling off in the pool, how about doing your exercises in the water!  You can jog and dance and lift and have a great time.  Hold your own neighborhood AquaJive class.  See our full line of Water Exercise Equipment.


Cool Mist Humidifiers - Create a refreshing, cool room in hot dry climates.  Combats summer cough and cold symptoms.