For yourself or a loved one confined to bed - whether it's long-term or a short-term or post-surgery recovery - we recommend these products for the highest levels of safety and comfort.

Allegro's Best Products for Bed Confinement

  Bedpads and Underpads -Machine washable and dry-able, reusable bedpads offer layers of protection against wetness from incontinence, spills or bed baths.  Allegro also offers a large selection of convenient disposable underpads to protect beds, chairs, floors and car seats.  Great for pets and kids, too.


No-Rinse Cleansing Products - These are must-have products for any lengthy bed stay.  You'll be squeaky clean head to toe, without the mess of bed baths.  See all bathing systems and hygiene items.  Don't forget the No-Rinse Shampoos!


 Bed Rope Ladder - Makes sitting up soooo much easier.  You just use the rungs to pull yourself up.


Pillows & Bed Wedges - Elevate your upper body or legs to whatever position is best for your recovery, better sleep or comfort.


EggCrate or Memory Foam Mattress Overlays - A cost effective way to reduce pressure and bed sores while increasing comfort. 


Over Bed Tables - Eat, work, use the computer, play cards, scrapbook - all from the comfort of your bed with a convenient table that fits perfectly around your bed.  We have tilt, pivot, split top, raised edge, and deluxe wood over bed tables to choose from.


Bed Rails - Position yourself while in bed or gain stability in getting in and out of bed.  Check out the longer rails if you're trying to stay 'in bed'.


Transfer Boards - Help pivot and transfer patients from the bed to a wheelchair or bedside commode.


Bedside Commodes - Comfortable bedside toilets with the features of the real thing - just more accessible.

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Thank you for your business and a big Allegro smooch to anyone confined to their bed.  Get well soon.