It's wheelchair beautification month again (I know, it comes around so fast).  Our idea of a beautiful wheelchair is a well-accessorized, fully-actualized mobility device, so rather than celebrate by putting a flag on your scooter or some reflective tape on your spokes, do it up right with some of our most popular accessories for scooters, wheelchairs and walkers.

 Beverage Holders - No more spills.  Carry your favorite drink with you, but leave your hands free.

Most Popular:  Adjustable Wheelchair Cup Holder


Casters -  Wow, these are cool.  We have a whole lot to choose from, but most of them are  If it was up to me, everyone would have colored casters or ones that light up.  More color!  More color!

Most Popular:  Light Up Casters and Soft Roll Casters


Wheelchair Gloves - Refine your look and save your hands at the same time. 

Most Popular:  Half-Finger Wheelchair Gloves

Coolest:  Leather/Lycra & Mesh Back Gloves


Packs & Pouches - Wheelchair and walker bags can be attached to the front of a walker, the armrest of a transport chair or the push handles of any wheelchair.  See all of our sidepacks, back packs, underneath carriers, cell phone holders and oxygen tank holders.

Most Popular:  Scooter Arm Tote

Coolest:  Designer Wheelchair Bags


Tires -  What can I say, they're tires.   We have racers (yeah!), street tires, and tires to get you in, out and around anything.   You deserve some new ones.

Most Popular:  Gray Pneumatic Knobby Express Tire 

Coolest:   High Performance Primo Racer Wheelchair Tire


 Wheelchair Aids - From IV pole holders to fishing pole holders we have it here.  Find hand controls, wheelchair seat belts, cane holders, reacher clips, foot cushions, mirrors, lap cushions, tire pumps, installation tools, anti-tippers and more.


Wheels - Define your personal style with a new set of wheelchair wheels and handrims! 

Most Popular:   Spinergy Wheels and Natural-Fit Handrims.

Want to see a truly fully 'beautified' wheelchair?  Check out our Jet Powered Concept Wheelchair.

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