Allegro Medical and Cure Medical have teamed up to provide consumers with a unique incontinence experience. Cure Medical invests in both manufacturing technology and research to find the perfect product for their users. This dedication came straight from the founder of Cure Medical. Bob Yant, founder of Cure Medical, suffered a C-5 spinal cord injury when he hit his head on a sandbar. Being a catheter user himself, Bob wanted a product that was different and more comfortable than what the market had to offer. He created what the Cure Catheter is today. Since the day of his injury, Bob became dependent on others and wanted to give back to find a cure. He has committed 10% of all Cure Medical’s net profits to be donated to spinal cord research. Now many devoted scientists can pursue their research and ideas with these donations 1.

Cure Medical has changed catheters forever with their manufacturing processes. Cure designed its catheters to have the least amount of trauma upon catheterization. This is because of their unique fire-polished eyelets. These eyelets increase comfort when inserting and reduce the risk of UTI’s. Cure slits the catheter and then melts the tube for that smooth eyelet versus other catheters that only have the eyelet cut.  Below you can see the differences between a Cure Catheter and others on the market.


Some other unique facts for the Cure product line are that they’re also DEHP and latex free. Most all still have the same flexibility of traditional catheters. Below are a few new products that Cure Medical has released with the features above.

Cure Intermittent Straight Catheter with Hydrophilic Coating


The Cure Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter is a high quality affordable hydrophilic sterile straight tipped catheter with a purified water packet and gripper for easy use. Unlike saline, purified water minimizes staining. The sterile purified water packet allows you to activate the hydrophilic catheter anywhere. These come in the most common french sizes with a universal funnel on the end that can be attached to most extension tube kits.


Cure Twist Pre-Lubricated Intermittent Female Catheter


Cure Medical thought outside of the box to give females a conveniently packaged and discretionary catheter to hide in a purse or other carry bag. This no drip, no mess sterile female catheter is about the size of a mascara wand. The Cure Twist hydrophilic female intermittent catheter is pre-lubricated with easy, twist open top.   This catheter carries all of the other common features that Cure Medical offers.

Allegro Medical supports Cure Medical in their research for a cure. Help support the research with the purchase of Cure products at  Since 1997 Allegro Medical has been a leading supplier of medical supplies to providers and consumers.  Rely on for all of your catheter and incontinence supply needs.