I compete in adventure races all around Texas, from Grapevine to Bandera. I have been running for 25 years, since cross country in Junior High.

I injured my ankle in Bandera, Texas during a trail race. I was halfway through the race and it had been raining so I had a thick coat of mud on my running shoes. All of the sudden I rolled my ankle and heard a loud "POP". Some guys running in front of me stopped and turned around and looked at me. I asked them what that sound was and they said it was me, and then I felt the pain! They wanted to help me to the aid station which was a mile and half away but I told them to go on and that I was fine. I tried running on it and that didn't work because it kept rolling outward.

So I hopped all the way to the aid station and they suggested that I drop out of the race. I suggested that they duct tape it and let me finish, but they disagreed with me. By the time I made it back home and went to my sports medicine doctor, I had a grade 3 sprain and completely tore my ATF and calcaneal ligaments in my ankle and damaged my posterior ligament.

I purchased the Malleoloc Ankle Brace from AllegroMedical.com on the recommendation of my physical therapist. I wear it when I compete in trail races to prevent my ankle from rolling and possibly injuring it again. It works.

I also purchased the GenuTrain Knee Brace for my patellar tendonitis because an ER doctor told me I would never run again.

With the use of these braces I can compete in races with no problems.

This is the 2008 race calendar for Terra Firma Promotions Adventure Race Co. I'm on the cover, right side, on the mountain bike.

Michelle on a mountain bike

A big thanks to Michelle for sharing her story. We wish you luck in your future races!

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