Although diabetes has not yet been cured, there are products that make it possible to test blood glucose levels, and then Glucose level blood testadminister insulin to achieve insulin balance.  With the aid of a glucose meter and testing strips, a person with diabetes can accurately determine the best course of action.  Although glucose meters tend to not have to be replaced very often, testing strips must be replenished often.

Although one individual testing strip may be very cheap, it is important to keep in mind the bigger picture.  If you take the base cost of one testing strip, multiply it by how many times testing is done each day, and then multiply that by 365, you will see just how much money is being spent annually.  When it comes to buying testing strips every penny counts.  That's why it is important to seek out the best possible options for saving money on them.

Most glucose meters also use specific testing strips in tandem with a particular device.  When shopping for a glucose meter, it is essential that the buyer looks into testing strip costs as well as the basic cost of the meter.  For example, a person may think that they are saving money buying a cheaper glucose meter, but if it requires expensive testing strips, then they are going to spend extra money down the line.  A savvy consumer will realize that it may be worthwhile it to spend some extra money on a meter that uses cheaper testing strips.

Generic testing strips exist that offer a less expensive alternative to brand-name strips.  The American Diabetes Association states that buying generic testing strips is safe, but some may be more accurate than others1.   For those who require extremely accurate information, it would be wise to speak to a physician before making any changes.

Another way to cut down on costs is to buy your diabetic supplies in bulk online.  The Internet has made it possible to find the lowest possible prices, and being able to buy in bulk will generally save money.  In the case of testing strips, there is no risk to buying many of them, because they will definitely be needed.  In addition, many people like the feeling of not having to worry about running out.

Some manufacturers provide rebates and coupons that may make buying their product more attractive.  Again, it is important to consider the long-term picture in this situation.  If these strips are normally expensive, but a coupon makes them cheaper, it would be wise to buy a large quantity.  However, if that coupon is not available in the future, the result may be higher prices in the long run.

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