New Logo - Coming Soon!

The wait for Allegro Medicals' much anticipated logo redesign is almost over! In just one week the world will behold our new logo.  Aw heck, who am I kidding. I can't wait a week! Let's reveal it now!

Here it is!  Tadaaaaa....

The "new look" highlights cool subtle blues with hints of Caribbean sea foam. Combined with the mystery and passion of charcoal grey, the ensemble really says - we're professional but we also care. Which we do by the way. Allegro Medical has been around since 1996 in case you did not know. Yep, we've helped over 2 million people with their medical supply needs. Quick story. Have you heard of Google? You, know the search engine and the maps and the email and the Chrome browser and the phone... Well, we started Allegro Medical (the first online medical supply store) even before Google. Ha!

Okay, back to the logo. Look at the amazing fonts. You can Just feel the effortless lower case relaxed style which makes you want to say, "a l l e g r o    m e d i c a l".  Say it with me now  - a l l e g r o   m e d i c a l".  It's all lower case. I know. It's like a comfortable pair of slippers. The fuzzy kind that slide right on. Capital letters are fancy. The all lower case font really says, "hey, I feel good about my self. I'm good at what I do. I don't need to impress anyone."

You might notice if you have spent a lot of time staring at our current logo, we booted the ".com" off the end. Who needs it? Everyone knows to type "" into your browser to find our website. And if you just type "allegromedical", our friends at Google will send you right on over anyway. It's probably like the same thing that happened with telegraph messages. You know, you used to have to say "stop" after every sentence. Our new logo is amazing "stop". It will bring about world peace "stop". It will be portrayed by Ben Affleck in an upcoming action movie "stop". Eventually, everyone figured out you don't have to say "stop" after every dang thing. I'm sure if you needed to send a telegraph today you don't say "stop".

Lastly, our designers felt our logo needed embellishment. Similar to popular shows like "the Voice", "America's Got Talent", "American Idol", and "the Bachelor", we held our own contest for icons; and they came from far and wide. There were globes, eagles, check marks, rockets, wheelchairs, medical symbols, bears, and graphics of all types. The competition was fierce and the judges deliberated. But they were deadlocked. It came down to a dart throw - while blind folded - at the icons. And the winner was selected! The 3 dimensional box thing. With only minor injuries, "3D" as he's known around the office now, has already started embellishing our new logo with skill and poise. Oh, and since we're still celebrating our 20 year anniversary, the "20 year anniversary" button is right there to let you know we still have sale prices on thousands of medical supplies.

Enjoy the new logo!