We regret to inform you that as of Tuesday, February 17th, you will no longer be able to purchase Pediasure 8 oz. Cans  from Allegro Medical - or - through any other online or retail supplier.

We understand how important a product *like* Pediasure is for the care of loved ones requiring supplemental nutrition. Allegro Medical has helped hundreds of thousands of people just like you conveniently buy their supplements over the Internet for the past 11 years. However, Abbott Laboratories, the pharmaceutical manufacturer, has announced that it would no longer allow the the 8 oz cans (used in hospitals and health care facilities) to be sold to retail customers.

The good news is, we have a great alternative for you, plus a savings discount:

Nestle Boost Kid Essentials -
Nestle offers a fantastic nutritional product - Boost Kid Essentials - that is widely accepted by pediatricians and moms everywhere. Click here to order Kids Boost

To help with the transition, we're offering a 15% savings on Boost Kid Essentials - Use gift certificate code Nestle15 at checkout - good through Monday, Feb. 23rd.

*Important Note to Health Care Providers - If you are a health care provider or institution purchasing Pediasure 8 oz. cans from Allegro Medical, please respond with your company information. We can assist you in the Abbott Laboratories qualification process which will allow us to continue shipping you the institutional products.

Allegro Medical values your business. We apologize for this inconvenience and encourage you to try the Nestle alternative. Check the homepage blogs for future updates as this story unfolds.

Best regards,

CEO & Founder
Allegro Medical
480-990-8881 Ext 100