We watch these amazing athletes like Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn, and Bode Miller tearing up the slopes in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and the next thing you know we're booking a ski vacation.  

The Olympics motivate and inspire us.  All over the world skiers are opting for black diamonds, baby boomers are trading their skis for snowboards,  parents are enrolling their toddlers in ski school and amateurs are attempting the half-pipe.  I'm pretty sure hockey tickets just got harder to get too.

Are you looking to step up your game?

Skiers, Snowboarders and Skaters:  There are ways to guarantee improved performance on the slopes or the ice!  Practice is key, but even if you don't have a mountain or an ice rink nearby, you can be well-prepared to for your next ski trip with a little homework. 

You cannot ski, snowboard or skate well without leg strength and balance.  Even if you have strong legs, you are useless without good balance.  Put some time and work into it at home and you won't believe the difference in your agility, ability, control and confidence on the slopes.

 Not a skier, snowboarder or skater?  Doesn't matter.  Here are 21 Reasons to Improve Your Balance

Balance is the ability to maintain your center of gravity over your base of support.  Starting out, you can practice balancing on a flat surface with some static balance exercises.  Stand on one foot and lift the opposite leg so your knee is parallel to the ground.  Kick that foot out slowly and then bring it back in. Do this on each side until you can do it without falling over.  Once you have mastered the static moves you can do more dynamic balance exercises by twisting and rotating with one foot off the ground.  This simulates the movements you will make when trying to correct or regain your balance on the snow or ice.

When you feel stable balancing on flat ground, you can advance to  balance products. Many start with a simple Balance Disc, but  Balance Boardsare the most popular among skiers, skateboarders and snowboarders of all ages. 

BEST Balance Products for Skiers, Snowboarders and Skaters


Bongo Board Balance Board - The hottest balance board on the market today. 


Indo Board Balance Board Training Package- Includes deck, roller, IndoFlo balance cushion and FREE instructional DVD.  Claims to be the easiest model to learn on.

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Twist Board -  Loosens your knees and waist.  Large, stable 17" base.  Can be used with rocker boards for ultimate balance training.   

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Fitter Classic 16" Wobble Board - Plastic - Adjusts from basic to advanced with a simple twist.  For all ages and skill levels.  I like the Wooden Fitter Wobble Board, myself. 

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Airex Balance Pad - Improve your balance while doing your regular workouts.  Great for lunges. 

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Jumbo Balance Dome - Just like the ones in the gym. Large enough for your whole foot.  Use upside down or right-side up for two levels of difficulty.

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Serious about skating?  Ice skaters and Hockey players will want a Slide Board for off-ice training.

BONUS TIP!  You will see a difference in your shock absorption, power transmission and edge control if you add SuperFeet Insoles to your skates or ski boots.  Try the hotPINK Cold Weather Insoles for Women or the REDhot Cold Weather Insoles for Men.

Whether the Winter Olympics have you snuggling deeper into the couch or running for the lift lines, we hope you stay healthy and safe.  Stay warm with  Cold Weather Gear to Warm you Inside and Out.  Thanks for being an Allegro customer.