Urinary incontinence is often described with words like “embarrassing” or “uncontrollable,” and these terms are part of the reason that almost all types of urinary incontinence fail to be reported quickly. In fact, it is not unusual for someone with symptoms of urinary leakage to wait an average of six years before consulting with a medical professional about it.

Yet, regardless of when it is reported and addressed, it should never be viewed as a “condition” on its own. Urinary incontinence is typically a symptom of something else going on. When it occurs in men, it is usually due to:

  • Prostate issues
  • Diseases
  • Surgery
  • Obesity
  • Lack of exercise
  • UTI
  • Constipation
  • Chronic cough
  • Lifestyle choices

In addition to this long list of causes, there are also ways that urinary incontinence will manifest in men. It can be:

  • Stress incontinence
  • Urge incontinence
  • Mixed incontinence
  • Overflow incontinence
  • Functional incontinence

Treating urinary incontinence as a symptom of something else will involve first identifying the underlying cause and seeing if it can be eliminated or remedied. Then, the urinary incontinence can be dealt with more effectively through non-surgical as well as surgical interventions.

No matter how it is addressed, though, one of the most important elements in living with this issue is investing in the right incontinence products designed specifically for men. As one expert noted, “Lots of men hate the idea of using incontinence products -- so-called adult diapers, urine collection bags, and catheters. But if you're having a problem with male incontinence, these products can really help.”

After all, if you want to eliminate those words mentioned at the opening of this article (embarrassing and uncontrollable) from your vocabulary, one of the simplest ways to do that is through the use of incontinence products for men. They prevent the “accidents”, the odors, the discomfort and all of the other issues associated with urinary incontinence.

The Basic Products for Men

What sort of incontinence products for men are recommended? The most useful include:

  • Pads and shields – Used on bedding, furniture and even a car seat, they are able to capture any leaks, moisture and odor. There are also pads and shields for undergarments that are great at wicking moisture from the skin, preventing irritation and odor and ensuring that no one even knows you are wearing protection
  • Underwear – There are also full-sized garments designed specifically for men with padding and “zones” in the ideal spots for the male body. These will vary in size, style, and design, with options for reusable and disposable always available. Some feature drip collectors and other specialty regions for heavier leaking or longer wear.
  • Catheters – Many men with incontinence issues find that external catheters are quite effective. They are not inserted into the urethra but are instead slipped over the penis and are made of silicone or latex. They fit almost as snugly as a condom but have small tubes with collection bags at the end, and any urinary leakage is captured by the bag. Some wear them exclusively at night to ensure they are getting adequate and undisturbed sleep, while others will wear them throughout the day to enjoy the most worry-free
  • External compression – Another term for these urinary incontinence products are penile clamps, which is a bit misleading. They are not as brutally clamp-like as their name sounds. Instead, most are made of easy to use and comfortable to wear foam. They put a small amount of pressure over the end of the penis, effectively pinching the urethra closed enough to prevent urinary leaks. They are not the most comfortable, but most who use them say that they are not uncomfortable, either.
  • Portable urinals – Many men with urinary incontinence also feel better about the issue when they know they don’t have to race to the toilet at the moment the urge to urinate strikes. This is why toilet substitutes like hand-held, plastic urinals are popular. They can capture a large amount of fluid, trap odor and ensure peace of mind.

Making Plans to Use Male Urinary Incontinence Products

As already noted, many men are unhappy at the thought of using any of these male urinary incontinence products. For some, it can be due to the simple fact that they do not wish to enter a store and purchase something like a package of adult diapers or shields for their bed.

The good news is that real-world shopping for these items is no longer required. The era of the internet has made it easier, and often far less costly, to do all of the purchasing online. Preferred products can be purchased in single packages or cost-effective cases, discreetly delivered, and many options can be explored through online resources.

If it is more a matter of “resigning” oneself to the use of items like male adult diapers, bed underpads, external catheters and deodorizers, it is understandable. Many people feel a bit defeated by the use of incontinence products, and worry that once they rely on them, they will never return to the days of living without them.

The first thing to remember is that you must see a doctor if experiencing male urinary incontinence. They will go over symptoms, do an exam and help determine the right treatment plan. It could be that some exercises and bladder training make such improvements that male urinary incontinence products are a temporary resource.

If the condition causing incontinence cannot be overcome, it is of the utmost importance to look at male urinary incontinence products as one of the most important resources over the long term.

Why? They improve your quality of life from the moment you begin to use them. They enable you to socialize, do the kinds of activities you have always enjoyed, and live without constant worry about where you will find the nearest toilet. Take a car trip, go for a walk or a long game of golf, play with the kids, wear those snug-fitting clothes because male urinary incontinence products can work with you and allow you to confidently enjoy your life as you did before bladder issues occurred.

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