The Brella Bag Hands Free Umbrella Holder: A Mobility Enhancer for the Physically Challenged

Advances in technology and introductions of new lifts, wheelchairs, mobility scooters and a wide array of mobility products has resulted in the vast improvement in the mobility of this population and as a result a much better quality of life.  Emotionally and psychologically it means a great deal to be independent and mobile.

Brella Bag Hands Free Umbrella Holder gives them the ability to steer their wheelchair or scooter or push a walker while having an umbrella overhead. They can walk with a cane or on crutches while their umbrella is solidly tucked into the Brella Bag therefore giving them the “hands free” ability to be protected from the sun or the rain.


The unique umbrella holder the Brella Bag has been designed and crafted with care and thought. It is light weight, made of polyester, yet strong enough to hold most sizes of umbrellas steady.  A sturdy pouch on the bag holds an umbrella so that the user’s hands are free.  As a bonus the bag is large enough to comfortably accommodate your essential items such as wallet, cell phone, keys, a book and other such things.



The Brella Bag Hands Free Umbrella Holder is a convenient solution for disabled individuals, giving them back their independence.

- Debbie Hammond, Owner of Rainy Day Solutions, LLC 


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